Marmaris Meet The Dolphins


Marmaris Meet The Dolphins Tour offers you an opportunity to meet the dolphins at the Dolphinarium in Marmaris, become friends with them through the trainers on the platform, touch them and shake hands with them! We arrange for your pickup from your hotel and also take you back comfortably to your hotel after the show.

Meet the Dolphins in Marmaris

Marmaris Meet The Dolphins program gives you an amazing experience. You can join the trainer on the platform, shake flippers of your new dolphin friend and give him a back rub as well. You will be pleased with this experience and also with the pleasing expressions shown by your new friends. They dance, sing, play ball and give you kisses at the end.

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Entrance Fees to Dolphinarium
  • Meet the Dolphins Program
  • Day With The Dolphins
  • Full Insurance

Marmaris Meet The Dolphins

Marmaris Meet The Dolphins Tour is available everyday and the tour duration is about 2 hours. The first session begins at 9:00 am and we will arrange for a pickup from and drop back to your hotel in Marmaris after the trip is over. The trip fee covers the program, transfers and full insurance. The excursion is generally open for all ages, but children aged lesser than 3 years are not allowed to take part in these programs. You are free to bring your camera and no charge is levied on this. Kids over 3 are always welcome to the park, they have so much to enjoy here. Remember to accompany them to the park; the guides will educate them about the dolphins and help them enjoy a whole new and different world out there at the Dolphin Park in Marmaris.

Located at the beach front, the dolphin park is about 5 km away from the Marmaris Center. Dolphins are regarded as the ‘Angels of the Ocean’ and an opportunity to get friendly with these graceful creatures is an amazing experience. Once you visit this place, you will surely remember this wonderful experience for the rest of your life. If your venture with the dolphins has to become more memorable, you can meet with them. Experience an electrifying new feeling while touching with the one of the most graceful creatures on earth.

  • Available Days: EVERYDAY
  • Notice: Visitors can go inside the Dolphin park and watch their friends or family member doing the meet or swim program.
  • Don’t Forget: Swimsuits, Sun creams, Towels, Cameras, Hat.
  • Restrictions: Kids under 4 years old can not participate in the program.
  • Please Also See: Swim with Dolphins Program, Marmaris Dolphin Show

Marmaris Dolphin Park

Alternative experiences in Marmaris

Listed as one of the most visited cities in the country, Marmaris showcases an amazing combination of features that can offer you unique experiences, feelings and memories during your holidays. Except from the beautiful beaches, the multiple sightseeing opportunities and the tranquil landscapes, Marmaris can offer you also alternative experiences and activities to join. One of the most popular options is a visit at the Dolphin Park. With a half day excursion there you can learn interesting information about dolphins and interact with them.

Dolphin Park

The Dolphin Park of Marmaris is open all around the year for visitors who wish to observe and experience from first-hand these intelligent and cute sea creates. This state of the art facility hosts dolphins and sea lions in specially designed pools and tanks. Professional care givers and biologists are responsible for the wellbeing of these sea animals and provide educational support and scientific research. It is located at a beachfront location few kilometres away from the city centre, allowing easy and convenient access to all. The park is open from the morning until the afternoon. Thus, feel free to join any time suits your schedule.

Marmaris Meet The Dolphins

Tour Itinerary

Marmaris Meet The Dolphins Tour is an amazing tour ideal for all. The activity is available on a daily basis and lasts for 2 hours. The park has 4 different sessions of this program, at different times, and you are free to choose the time that suits you the most. For your own comfort, a vehicle will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the dolphin park. There, professional guides will let you know interesting information about the facility and accompany you towards the pool. FIn this tour you will have the opportunity to interact with the beautiful dolphins. During this time you will be on the platform with a professional trainer. The dolphins will be dancing for you, give you kisses hug you and demonstrate their abilities.

Is it safe?

Due to the high standards of safety and the well trained dolphins, this particular activity is absolutely safe for people of all ages. When you enter the dolphin park, the professional English speaking guides will let you know important information about the dolphins. More specifically, they will explain how to approach them and how to behave when you are close to them. In general, there is nothing to worry about as during the session a professional and experienced dolphin trainer will be on the platform with you. Just set yourself free to experience unique emotions and release any worries.

Marmaris Meet The Dolphins

Who can join?

The Meet the Dolphins activity is a truly memorable experience ideal for all. It is a great option for those seeking to get away from the crowds and spend some time full of laughter and joy. The tour is also an excellent option for families with small children. In fact, this activity is children friendly. Dolphins are very friendly when it comes to kids and according to studies they are able to offer many positive benefits to them. In addition, visiting this facility allows your kids to learn important information about the oceans and the creatures living inside them. Please note that, children under the age of 4 are not allowed to join this activity for safety reasons.

Non-participating guests

If you are interested in visiting the park without participating in any of the programs offered there, you are still able to do it. Marmaris Dolphin Park is a great place to walk around and observe the various halls and pools that host the dolphins. As you enjoy the interaction session, your non-participating guests can wait for you while learning some interesting and important information.

Extra activities

The dolphin park in Marmaris offers three different programs to visitors that can join and create some long lasting memories. The first one is the Meet the Dolphins during which you can interact with the dolphins by feeding, playing and kissing them. The second one is a spectacular dolphin show during which you can watch them exercising their abilities in swimming, dancing and playing with balls and loops. The last one is probably the most exciting one as you can swim into the same pool with them.

Marmaris Meet The Dolphins

What’s included?

The price of this exciting, yet relaxing activity includes a pick-up and drop-off service from and to your hotel in Marmaris. In order to make you enjoy the most of this experience without any worries, a full insurance is also included. The price includes entrance fee to the dolphin park and the participation fee to the program. Please note that food, drinks, tips and other personal expenses are not included.

Important Notes

For the Meet the Dolphins activity you need to bring your own swimsuit and a towel. Do not forget to use a sun cream and bring a hat or sunglasses with you. Also, feel free to bring you own camera so than you can take some nice photos.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 2 Hours (Half Day Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Entrance Fees to Dolphinarium
  • Meet the Dolphins Program
  • Day With The Dolphins
  • Full Insurance
  • DVD
  • Drinks
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures

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    On our last visit to Marmaris we booked the meet with dolphins program. It was absolutely fabulous!!! My two sons age 11 and 13 really loved it. The instructors and staff were great, everything was explained in great detail. Not too expensive if you compare to the other dolphin parks in Europe. I would definitely recommend this trip if you are in Marmaris for a holiday.