Swim with Dolphins in Marmaris


Marmaris, the modern Turkish town is not just a resort center offering you all the fun and comfort during your stay there. There are many places in and around the town where you can enjoy sheer excitement and recreate yourself. Swim with Dolphins in Marmaris is one such attraction that welcomes visitors seeking a different Marmaris holiday experience.

Swim with Dolphins in Marmaris

Dolphins are one of the most amazing creatures on this world. The visitors get a unique opportunity to get wet and learn more about these amazing creatures at the Dolphinarium. Open all the year round, Marmaris Dolphin Park Tour welcomes all visitors to enjoy a swimming program with its most interesting inmates. Visitors can spend some time with them, touch them, dance and get kissed by dolphins.

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Swim with the Dolphins Program
  • Entrance Fee Dolphin Park
  • Day With The Dolphins
  • Full insurance
  • Instructions

Marmaris Dolphin Park Tour

The Dolphinarium is about 5 km away from the Marmaris Center. Located at the sea front, just 200 meters from the popular Hotels Grand Yazici Mares and Club Turban, the Dolphin Park in Marmaris is an exciting place to visit. An interaction with the dolphin is enjoyable to both – the dolphin and you. There are usually four sessions at the Dolphinarium and the first one begins at 9:30 am. Each session lasts for about 45 minutes.

However, during the peak season, there is much crowd and it is advised to book your ticket on-line around 3 days before your arrival here. Please remember that you can easily book on line from our website. You can bring your own camera to take memorable photos in the park. You will also find professional photographers in the park to help you get these memorable photos as souvenirs. During your visit here, you get an opportunity to swim with the dolphins. This includes a 15-minute swim with the dolphins. The dolphins are friendly and pet with the visitors. A visit to this exciting place is like adding icing on the cream of your Marmaris holiday experience.

  • Don’t Forget: Swimsuits, Sun creams, Towels, Cameras, Hat.
  • Notice: Visitors can go inside the Dolphin park and watch their friends or family member doing the meet or swim program.
  • Restrictions: All participants have to use life jackets. Pregnant woman are restricted for swim. Guests under the influence of alcohol are not allowed to participate in the program. Kids under eight are not allowed to participate in swim with the dolphin program.
  • Rhodes Arrivals: We have a private car transfer service for our guests coming from Rhodes.
  • Please also see: Meet the Dolphins Program , Marmaris Dolphin Show

Swim with Dolphins in Marmaris

Is it children friendly?

The ‘Swim with the dolphins’ tour, is one of the top children-friendly activities. This is because it allows families to spend some quality time in a modern and fun facility. In addition, the dolphin show prior the swimming session is the perfect way for children to observe how intelligent and friendly dolphins and sea lions are. Swimming with the dolphins is also associated with many positive impacts in a child’s mentality. More precisely, a child is able to create positive feelings during this experience, and learn how to take care and love the dolphins. Furthermore, this activity also helps parents to raise environmental awareness by teaching their children how to protect these smart and cute sea creatures. Please also remember that, during the swimming session, professional lifeguards will be there along with the dolphins’ instructors in order to ensure the smooth flow of the activity.

Photos and DVD

In order to enjoy this unique experience without any worries, a professional photographer will be in charge to take some photos and videos of you and your loved ones. The experienced photographer is in charge to capture the moments while you interact and swim with the dolphins. By the end of the swimming session, you may preview and purchase these photos at an extra cost.

Swim With Dolphins in Marmaris

Can you swim with dolphins in Marmaris?

Yes, you can swim with dolphins in Marmaris Turkey. This is a unique tourm arranged for you at the Dolphinarium in Marmaris . You will be able to spend 15 minutes swimming with the dolphins, learn all their behaviors and their interesting world. Interact with dolphins and explore a new world for yourself! See also the other programs like 'Meeting the Dolphins' , 'Watching the Dolphins'.

Why visit Dolphin Park?

The Dolphin Park in Marmaris, or the Dolphinarium as it is also known, is one of the greatest and most exciting facilities to visit. The park is the perfect getaway for those who want a break between sightseeing as it combines perfectly a relaxing, yet fun atmosphere. Visiting the park enables participants to get an in-depth understanding about dolphins that are hosted there. In addition, visitors are able to experience unique feelings by joining an ultra-fun swim with the dolphins.

How much does it cost to go swimming with the dolphins?

The price for swim with dolphins in Marmaris is 70 £ for the year 2020. The Dolphin Park is in a short distance from the city centre. More precisely, it can be found 5km away from the centre. The facility is at a beach front location close to some well-known hotels. For your own comfort, a fully air conditioned and modern vehicle will pick you up from your hotel and drive you there. The transfer service includes also your return back to the hotel.

Swim With Dolphins in Marmaris

Who can participate?

Swimming with the dolphins in Marmaris is an ideal activity for all. However, for your own safety there are some restrictions. Firstly, pregnant women can not do the swim program. Secondly, people experiencing physical disabilities or other health-related problems will not be allowed to enter the pool. In general, this particular activity is ideal for all, above 8 years old, who are able to swim. In what regards children above 8 years old, they must have their parents with them in order to be eligible to enter the pool.

What’s included?

Swim with the dolphins is a half-day activity with an approximate duration of two hours. According to the itinerary, this activity includes two-way transfer services from your hotel in Marmaris to the Dolphinarium. In addition, the package price includes the entrance fee to the facility, a dolphin show and a swimming session. For your safety and comfort, a full insurance is also included in the price. Please note that the following are not included in the price: food, beverages, professional photos and DVD, and other personal expenses.

Important notes

Holiday makers who are interested in joining this activity should wear a life jacket. The life jackets are necessary in order to ensure your safety and that you will enjoy this experience at its maximum. In addition, participants are instructed to bring their swim suit and a towel. Due to the high temperatures during the summer season, participants are also instructed to wear a hat, sunglasses and comfortable clothes and shoes.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration:2 hours (Halfday Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Swim with the Dolphins Program
  • Entrance Fee Dolphin Park
  • Day With The Dolphins
  • Full insurance
  • Instructions
  • Drinks & Food
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures

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12 Reviews Added Overall rating: 4.8


    We went to swim with the dolphins program with our grandchildren and i must admit that they totally enjoyed the tour . Nice show and they had a swim around 15 minutes with the dolphins but be ready to pay extra for DVDs and photos.


    Swimming with dolphins was an amazing experience that we ever had, This was our first time interacting with dolphins and every thing was professional. After a health and safety briefing and informed what to expect, we had a lot of fun in pool with the dolphins. This tour is extremely good value for money. The only thing i can say pictures they were selling at the dolphin park was a bit expensive.


    I visited Marmaris with my wife and kids last summer. We opted for the “Swim with Dolphins in Marmaris Tour “. We had a splendid time at the Dolphin Park in Marmaris. My kids loved to swim and play with dolphins there. The people serving there were very friendly and hospitable. All the services provided to us were exceptional too. We spent about 15 minutes swimming with dolphins and took photographs too. It was an exciting two hour trip. We were dropped to the hotel finally. We will definitely visit Marmaris and this lovely dolphin park again.,


    i suppose swimming with a dolphin is really a different activity for every age group especially for the kids. We had a totally v.i.p service from mares travel , picked up by a private car and when everything was finished we were taken back to our hotel with our private transfer. Everything was 100 % well organized . Thank you !


    I am not a good swimmer and this summer i went swimming with dolphins in Marmaris. I was really scared but the staff made me ease at all. I can shortly tell that it is something i would recommend to anyone form 7 to 77 . It was a great experince ever in my life. My dolphin’s name splash and i could lie on his tummy and he took me all around the pool.


    We had planned a full week holiday in Marmaris and on the third day, we were at the Dolphin Park. These lovely creatures are a great delight to watch and to play with them is bliss! Our kids were very anxious to meet the dolphins in open air, and when they did this here; I could see them happy too. My kids talked about Dolphins fo days after we were back home. The tour operators took good care and guided us well through our week-long holiday in and around Marmaris. Marmaris is one of the best choices to pick as your holiday spot this summer.


    Swimming with Flash was an amazing experience. Well worth every single penny. I did the tour on the last day of my holiday and I will definitely be back next year.


    I was a bit hesitated about booking this tour due to the price, however, had an amazing couple of hours of my life. The staff and my instructor was very helpful and clearly they love the Dolphins. I went to the swim program and was in the water with Splash for 15 minutes. It was an experience that I will never forget. Loved it.


    Amazing experience for my 8 year old

    Daughter she’s always dreamed of swimming with dolphins since she would walk, she loved every second of her time with the dolphins today as did my partner amazing all the Staff here are loverly and so friendly Amelia went swimming with Jonas and loved it thank you very much we will defo.

    Be returning worth every penny made my 8 year old very happy.


    Please dont take all those negative reviews from the people. For me and my family it was an amazing experience with and amazing creatures and nice staff. When you do the swim with dolphin in Marmaris, it is short experience and its not cheap. But it is a unique experience, lovely animals and professional staff who are there to look after the animals. And they are doing it well. I really enjoyed the tour so much and I can easily say that this was one of the best things I did in my life


    My wife and I visited the Marmaris Dolphin Park in July and we had the best time ever. The team in the park is professional and the dolphins are very well looked after. These beautiful creatures are swimming in the sea, which is their natural habitat and they are in good condition. We did the swim program and swam with our own dolphin. There is also the service where they take your pictures. Would highly recommend a visit.


    Simply an amazing experience in Marmaris. Spent nearly a half day in the dolphin park and felt like a member of a family. The swim program is an excellent option if you have kids, I can not think of a better place to spend with your family in Marmaris.