Marmaris Rhodes Day Trips


Enjoy an exciting Marmaris day trips to Rhodes Island as a part of your Marmaris Holiday. This is a unique situation here, you can visit Greek island Rhodes from Marmaris in the same day!

Marmaris Rhodes Day Trips

If you are holding a valid Schengen visa, it is easier to enter Rhodes Island directly from Marmaris. Our speed catamarans with powerful engines will take you across the sea within the shortest possible time. In fact, you could be at the Rhodes Island in just about 45 minutes after you leave Marmaris. We begin our Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip by 07:30 am and you’re back in Marmaris by 18:00 pm. You can enjoy your evening in Marmaris as you please.

  • Hotel Transport
  • Full insurance
  • Port Taxes

Marmaris to Rhodes

Rhodes is an amazing town-island with many tourist attractions and local shops. The historical locations on the island include the St Paul Church, Aphrodite Temple, Museums, Freedom Gate, Grand-Master’s Palace, etc. You have a complete six-hour time to roam about the island and buy souvenirs at the local shops. You are free to choose you’re the food of your choice for the lunch from any of the local restaurants. The only thing you have to be cautious enough is to refer with the menu card for price before ordering the food. Prices in Greece are almost 50% dearer than what you pay in Turkey!

Bring your camera with you, there are many interesting monuments and sculptures that you can click and keep as your travel souvenirs to the Rhodes. Keep your passport safely and show them to security and police personnel when demanded. Alcohol in the Rhodes is priced at half the price you pay in Turkey, but be sure that you make all of your purchases in a duty free shop. Thus our Marmaris to Rhodes Excursion offers you an extra thrill to your already exciting Marmaris vocation

  • Available Days: EVERYDAY
  • Don’t Forget: Sun Cream, Sun Glasses , Passport , Swimsuits, Towel.
  • Restrictions: Do not Forget your Passport. Euro will be useful.

Marmaris Rhodes Ferry

Visit Rhodes from Marmaris

day trip from marmaris to rhodes
Marmaris Rhodes Ferry begins at 07:00 am, and our high-speed catamarans will cover the 27 km distance from Marmaris to Rhodes within 45 minutes. Our Rhodes Island trip gives you a unique opportunity to be in two different countries in one day!

Visa for Marmaris to Rhodes Excursion

day trip from marmaris to rhodes
If you are already holding a valid Schengen visa, it would be a lot easier to travel to Rhodes Island directly from Marmaris. However, no visa is required for EU citizens to take part in our Rhodes Island trip. And, you don't need pay any visa fee while you return back to Marmaris, Turkey.We have to collect your passport details 2 days before the trip.

Free Shuttle bus to the Harbor

day trip from marmaris to rhodes
For Marmaris Rhodes Day Trips we will arrange for a shuttle bus service to pick you from your hotel and drop you at the Marmaris Port at the beginning of the trip. After the trip is over, we will also be picking you from the Marmaris port and take you to your hotel. You pay no extra charges for this service; it is included within our trip fee.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 11 Hours (Full Day Tour )

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Full insurance
  • Port Taxes
  • Drinks & Food
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures

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    We choose to book our day trip to Rhodes from Marmaris by Mares Travel. Not only the most reasonable price offer but also they made thing easier for us. They did all the paper work for us, easy to communicate. Really enjoyed the day, it didn’t take long to get there and had plenty of time in Rhodes. While in Rhodes can the open top bus tour which will let you see historical sites at island.


    Me and my family were in Marmaris for a week holiday and decided to go and visit on a day trip. So that we can say that i was an in Greece. There were shops and restaurants will many different options and aome beautiful historical sites. It was a nice place to be visited but not as nice as Marmaris.


    We booked Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Tickets online from Picked up near our hotel and taken to the harbor to catch the Ferry (only takes around 1 hour). With a short walk we were inside the walls of the old town. The old town is magnificent and there are some great places to eat but it is really expensive, cost us 70 euros to eat in Rhodes for a family of 4. But the trip was very nice.


    We did a boat trip from Marmaris to Rhodes , which was fairly quick and comfortable although you can only stay on one level. Very Reasonably Priced, but depends who you book through as we were quoted different prices by each so we booked online from the best price. We had plenty of time in the town to look around and there is lots to see and do. I would say you can probably see everything in a day. We had a lovely traditional Greek meal and there are lots of cafes and restaurants about. It was a beautiful island and the locals are very friendly. There are some little shops and stalls to look round and the island has its own individual history to look into. Saw enough in one day but could go back for longer stay and visit surrounding areas.


    We has a day trip from Marmaris to Rhodes and it was a good day , but takes longer to get there than they say, and it really takes some time to get through customs so delayed for 45 minutes on return. We had about 4 half hours there which was really nice.