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Marmaris Excursions Our web site presents the Best Excursions in Marmaris for 2024. You do not need to pay 2 times more buying tours from hotel guides or spend precious vacation time in search of agency to whom you could entrust for the organization of your excursions. Our website will help you to organize your valuable holiday ahead before you even arrive to Turkey which will let you to gain lots of time. With the best prices for excursions and tours in Marmaris an unforgettable holiday will be yours. We have also an amazing offer for you, book any 3 excursions with us and get 1 excursion for FREE! This is definitely an amazing way to save money and experience many different tours. * Book Any 3 Excursions/Tour Get 1 For Free

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Excursions in Marmaris
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Marmaris Excursions Mares Travel is a licensed travel agency that organizes travel services in and around Marmaris, Icmeler and Turunc. By offering our services online, we let our guests to save their time and money also providing them a high quality service. In our agency our employees highly trained specialists that are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey. We work 24 hours, 7 days a week to provide the best service to our customers. We organize more than 61 tours, each and every single tour of ours is fully insured and maintained by our professional guides. You can make your reservations online with NO DOWNPAYMENT , so you dont need any credit cards, no money transfer. We accept payments in front of your hotel or at our agency on the meeting day and time specified for you when you come to Turkey.

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Marmaris Excursions & Tours

Company “Mares Travel” provides services for a variety of individual and group Tours in Marmaris , Icmeler and Turunc ! We have been working in travel industry since 1997 . During this period, our agency has rallied into a whole team of professionals who will gladly help you to organize your stay in Turkey.

In addition to organizing tours, we are engaged in airport transfers from Dalaman and Bodrum Airport to Marmaris , Icmeler and Turunc .

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Our web site presents the Cheap Excursions in Marmaris . You do not need to pay 2 times more buying tours from hotel guides or spend precious vacation time in search of agency to whom you could entrust the organization of your excursions .

Different Payment Methods


1. If you choose the option of ”Pay on the day ” We do not charge a prepayment . All tours are paid on the spot or in the bus on the tour day . On the site you just make your reservation and we will activate your reservations as soon as you arrive to our town.

2. If you choose the second option ”Pay by PayPal” you will leave a small 10% deposit by using PayPal. PayPal is the most secure payment method on the internet. We will never get any information of your credit card . All this money is totally refundable, in any case you want to cancel your reservations , we will send your money back without any questions.

The main purpose of our work – to show tourists the main attractions of Turkey and offer customers high – quality services at an affordable price !

Marmaris Excursions 2024

Tourism in Turkey does not mean only the beach, sun and the sea , but also can be informative and interesting. There is a large variety of Local trips in Marmaris. Our town is blessed with its strategic location in Turkey and therefore you have a great opportunity visiting day tours , see many sights of the country. Many of our guests arriving to this beautiful holiday resort has got questions in their mind like What to do in Marmaris ? or Things to do in Marmaris ? In our website we tried to categorized the activities in Marmaris like historical tours ,night tours ,kids friendly and so on , as you as you choose your holiday location in Turkey, you can easily see the best available options for you. This will help you to organize your valuable holiday ahead before you even arrive to Turkey. With the best prices for excursions and tours in Marmaris an unforgettable holiday will be yours. We don’t only sell these activities but we are here 24 hours to help you , just with in phone call , we will be there to help you to sort out any problems that you may have during your stay.

Marmaris Attractions

Tours , which take place in the city without leaving its boundaries. These ” Local Excursions in Marmaris ” are close in distance to the hotels in the region with short traveling distances.

Turkish Bath
Turkish Night
Jeep Safari
Horse Safari

History and Nature based Trips

Turkey is blessed with a lot of historical monuments, ancient cities , national parks and reserves . Such Local Tours in Marmaris are serviced by professional guides who have special education.


Marmaris Boat Trips

In the Aegean Sea, which is located on the shores of the town, there are hundreds of small uninhabited islands and thousands of secluded coves , access to which can only by boat. We organize some best ” Boat Trips in Marmaris ” .

Marmaris Boat Trips – Lazy day
All inclusive
Aegean Islands
Cleopatra island
Moonlight Cruise

Adventure Trips

There many different ” Things to Do in Marmaris ”for adventures characters .These kinds of trips we categorize them as extreme sports .

Quad Safari

Private Tours & Shore Excursions

Keeping Marmaris, Icmeler and Turunc as your base, there are many places you can visit nearby and extend your vacation to experience the most enjoyable times of your life!

We can arrange special Private Tours in Marmaris for our guests to visit the most interesting places around our town such us Marmaris City Tour , Marmaris Walking Tour. Our private tours are specially arranged with the visitors’ perspective. We help our visitors to make their own tour program! As our honorable visitors, you are able to choose where you are visiting, make out your own itinerary, chose your place to eat out and select places to spend more time. With our local knowledge and touring experience, we will arrange to execute your tour plans according to your wishes.

We hope that we will help you to choose your favorite Excursions in Marmaris and enjoy your stay in our wonderful town !
Have a bright, colorful and unforgettable experience !

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