Marmaris City Tour

We will arrange Marmaris City Tour exclusively for your group. The great thing about our private tour is, you can plan them at any time of the year. As visitors, you are free to choose the places you like to visit, select locations to stop in between and spend time; choose your favorite eat-out location, etc. In short, you can plan your own Marmaris City Tour itinerary!

Marmaris City Tour

While booking a Private Marmaris City Tour with us, let us know more details about your tour itinerary, food preferences and number of people in your group. We can arrange for everything to make your the most memorable tour of your life.

  • All Entrance Fees
  • Hotel Transport
  • Full Insurance
  • Guided Tour

Discover Marmaris Turkey

The costs of our Marmaris City Tours are calculated on the basis of number of people joining the tour, the transfers, food and refreshments you choose, guided services, insurance and such other features. Our tour fees are reasonably priced and shared among the group participating in our tours. Therefore, they are never a burden on your budget. We provide you the best maintained vehicles and polite chauffeurs to facilitate a comfortable and fully convenient pickup from your hotel and drop back services after the tour is over. We even make arrangements to provide you with the food type you prefer. You can choose your menu ranging from vegetarian to helal foods.

The places you can visit during this Walking Tour in Marmaris include the Marmaris Castle, the Amphitheatre, the Mosque, the Grand Bazaar area, Marmaris old town, Marmaris Marina. The old castle was built by the Ionians during the 3rd century BC and the second one was built during the 16th century by Ottoman Turks. Marmaris has an important mosque named as ibrahim aga mosque in the Kemeralti area forms one of the busiest parts of the town. The Grand Bazaar area is quite big and has many interesting outlets. It sells almost everything you need! You can stroll across the two Marinas, some of the biggest in Turkey and see many yachts rested here. Along with guiding services, we make your Marmaris walking tour a memorable one to cherish for long after you had gone back home.

  • Available Days: Everyday
  • Restrictions: Not suitable for the guests with walking difficulties.
  • Don’t Forget: Sun cream , Sun glasses, Camera, Comfortable clothing, Comfortable Shoes, Hat.
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Marmaris City Tour

Why visit Marmaris?

If you are looking for a destination that combines excitement, relaxation, adventure and sightseeing then Marmaris is one of the top options. It is not a coincidence that Marmaris is listed among the most popular destinations in Turkey. The resort offers upgraded experiences and tourist services that are able to meet even the most high end expectations. The beautiful beaches and the flawless cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city allow visitors to enjoy memorable holidays. The city offers also a variety of sightseeing opportunities and incredible landscapes to explore.

Marmaris City Walking Tour

The Marmaris City Walking Tour is one of the most interesting private tours you can join during your holidays. By joining this tour you are able to explore the main attractions and monuments of the city of Marmaris with a private tour guide. Walking around the charming streets of the city offers you the opportunity to feel the real vibes of the city and experience the warmth of the local people. During this private walking tour you may visit interesting locations such as the iconic Castle, important Mosques, local bazaars, the Amphitheatre, the charming old town of Marmaris and the luxurious yachts’ marina.

marmaris city tour

Plan your own itinerary in Marmaris City Tour

As this is a private walking tour in the city of Marmaris, you are in charge to organize the schedule of the tour. More precisely, schedules are customizable in order to meet individual preferences and interests. Upon booking, please let us know which day and time suits you the most. In addition, please inform us about the places you wish to visit, the meals you would like to have and the time you wish to spend at each location. This private tour gives you the freedom to choose and customize your whole experience so that you can spend a day full of laughter, fun and excitement.

A guided experience

Explore the city centre of Marmaris with an amazing private walking and get the chance to feel the real atmosphere of the city and interact with the locals. This private walking tour includes a guiding service offered by a professional and fully licenced English-speaking tour guide. On a preschedule time, a comfortable car will pick you up from your hotel and drive you towards a central location. There, you will meet the experienced tour guide who will be in charge to let you know interesting information about the places included in the schedule. Feel free to ask anything you need to know about the history and the importance of the sites, or the history and the culture of the city of Marmaris. Your guide will make sure that you enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable experience.


Joining a private tour while in Marmaris does not mean that you will go over budget. The Marmaris City Walking Tour is a private and fully customizable experience for those travellers who seek to explore the city as they wish. The price of this excursion is adjustable based on how many and which sites you wish to visit. In addition, the price changes in case you wish to add meals or drinks and the type of restaurant or cafeteria you wish to visit. Furthermore, the price of this private walking tour in Marmaris changes according to the size of the group.

marmaris city tour

Who can join?

As Marmaris City Walking Tour is a private experience, there are no special restrictions regarding participation. In addition, there are no restrictions regarding the size of the group. Therefore, the tour is an ideal option for couples seeking privacy and exclusivity or families that need to be comfortable. This private walking tour is also a great option for groups of friends who wish to design their own schedule or for anyone who wishes to celebrate a special occasion by offering a custom made sightseeing experience. However, please note that as this is a walking tour, people experiencing walking difficulties and pregnant women are not able to join the excursion for safety reasons.

Important notes

For your own comfort, please wear light and comfortable clothes and shoes. Due to the high temperatures in the city centre of Marmaris during the summer months, a hat or sunglasses along with a sun cream are highly recommended. Do not forget your personal camera as you will need to take some photos of the sites.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 5 Hours (Half Day Tour)

  • All Entrance Fees
  • Hotel Transport
  • Full Insurance
  • Guided Tour
  • Drinks
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures
  • All Food Options

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