Icmeler Rhodes Day Trip


You have the opportunity to visit the most popular Greek Island Rhodes while you are having you holiday in Icmeler. Rhodes is only 45 min away from Icmeler. High-speed ferry from Icmeler to Rhodes for 45 minutes, will take you to the island for a day and you can see all the sights of Rhodes. Book your Icmeler Rhodes Day Trip and visit the two countries – Turkey and Greece in the same goliday.

Day Trip to Rhodes from Icmeler

You will have five to six hours free time in Rhodes and can visit all sights important in Rhodes. All you need to take with you is your passport, you can enter Rhodes directly from icmeler. Rhodes is one of the most beautiful and popular islands of Greece. It is an ancient place with rich history of myths and legends, which is documented in ancient scripts.

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Full Day In Rhodes
  • No Visa Required
  • Full insurance
  • Port Taxes

Icmeler to Rhodes

Icmeler Rhodes Day Trip is ideal for people who are seeking to relax, but also to experience some action. Rhodes is a beautiful and blessed place with its beautiful beaches and green valleys. It is a tourist attraction, as it offers the visitors to experience a traditional and modern mixture of culture. Rhodes is also called the Rose of the Aegean with the reason, as it is a holiday destination offering many cultural and archaeological sites to visit.

Why visit Rhodes From Icmeler?

Rhodes is the biggest island of the Dodecanese. With long history and deep rooted culture, this island is a pole of attraction for millions of visitors every year. Visiting Rhodes enables you to combine relaxation, sightseeing and excitement as the island has everything you need for a joyful and pleasurable time. During your holidays in Icmeler, you can visit this Greek island with a full day excursion and experience from first-hand the Greek hospitality, swim into the azure waters of the Aegean Sea and unfold the island’s medieval history.

  • Available Days: EVERYDAY
  • Don’t Forget: Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Passport, Swimsuits, Towel.
  • Restrictions: Do not Forget your Passport. Euro can be useful.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: The RHODES shuttle bus timings and pickup locations are changing according to the hotel you stay in Icmeler. Upon your arrival to Turkey we will meet you at your hotel reception to take your passport details. At that time our guides will show you the closest pickup location to your hotel.
  • Attention: We specify the hours at which the transfer vehicle will pick you up one day before the tour. However, remember that if you are not ready at this time and miss the shuttle, you will have to go to the port by your own means.

Icmeler Rhodes Day Trip

Distance between Icmeler and Rhodes

The island complex of Dodecanese is located at a very close proximity with Turkey. In fact, the two countries are separated by Aegean Sea and many visitors combine visits in both countries, Turkey and Greece. In what regards Rhodes, it is located just 45 minutes away from Icmeler. For the purposes of this day trip, you will travel with a high-speed catamaran boat that has powerful engines. The boat is spacious and has an upper deck, where you can enjoy incredible views over the Aegean Sea during your trip.

Visa and Formalities

With the Icmeler Rhodes Tour you can upgrade your holidays’ experience by visiting one of the most famous Greek islands, Rhodes. Before entering the catamaran boat in Icmeler, you need to pass through a passport control. Therefore, do not forget to bring your passport with you. Once you arrive at the port of Rhodes, you need to present your passport. You don't need any visa for this tour. Keep in mind that by the end of the day tour in Rhodes, you need to arrive at the port earlier in order to go through the passport control once again.

Icmeler Rhodes Day Trip

Free Time in Rhodes

This day tour in Rhodes has an approximate duration of 11 hours. By the moment you arrive in Rhodes, you are free to explore the island as you wish and according to your interests. During your free time you can stay in the city centre of Rhodes or travel to another town as the island is big enough and has multiple points of interest. If you choose to explore the island, you can find charming, picturesque and authentic villages in the countryside. There you can observe the locals’ lifestyle and interact with them. Also there are spectacular beaches around the island where you can enjoy either a vibrant party atmosphere or a relaxing and secluded setting.

Relax and Explore the city

The city centre of Rhodes is an amazing place to explore. The most interesting highlight is that, the old town in Rhodes is located in an enormous and well maintained medieval castle. Take your time and walk around this beautiful castle that will make you travel back in time. Inside the castle you may find everything you need, from restaurants and shops to hotels and banks. In the city centre of Rhodes, you can also find some beautiful beaches where you can spend some time. These beaches are fully organized and the nearby beach bars create a truly unique atmosphere with upbeat music.

Who can join?

The day trip from Icmeler to Rhodes is an ideal excursion for those who wish to visit a Greek island for one day. Due to the absence of an organized schedule, the day trip is an excellent option for all people,as it allows participants to create their own schedule. The trip is also a family friendly activity. Allow yourself to relax in Rhodes while your kids are having fun exploring the island.

Icmeler Rhodes Day Trip

What’s included?

With a total duration of 11 hours, this full day trip to Rhodes is a great opportunity to join an alternative activity during your holidays. Escape from the ordinary and enjoy a break between sightseeing in Icmeler, with an amazing excursion to Rhodes Island. The price of this tour includes, a pick up and drop off service from and to your hotel in Icmeler. The transfers are made with a fully air conditioned and modern vehicle. A full insurance for the whole duration of the trip is also included in the price as well as the port taxes. Please note that, food, drinks, entrance fees and other personal expenses are not included in the price.

Important notes

The excursion takes you to the Greek Island of Rhodes so it is important to bring your passport with you. The passport is required in both countries at the passport control in order to get your entrance visa. In addition, please be aware that in Rhodes all prices are in Euro. You can exchange currencies either in Turkey or when you arrive in Rhodes. In Rhodes there are high temperatures, especially in the summer months. Thus, please bring with you a sun cream, a hat or sunglasses.  

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 11 Hours (Full Day Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Full Day In Rhodes
  • No Visa Required
  • Full insurance
  • Port Taxes
  • Drinks & Food
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures

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    We booked a boat trip to Rhodes wih Mares Travel, which was a good decision. The price we paid was great and the ferry had a good air condition. Rhodes is a charming island and we we had a nice walk in the old town.


    I have never been to Rhodes and it was quite easy to from Icmeler with the ferry. I wouldnt like to go there for a holiday but good place to visit for a day trip.


    We did a day trip to Rhodes while we were holidaying in Icmeler and had a great experince. The boat itself was comfortable with plenty of seats for everyone . The free time in Rhodes is around six hours which is perfect amount of time to have a decent walk around to explore. Overall a brilliant excursion and a holiday with both Greece and Turkey.


    We did a day trip to Rhodes while we were holidaying in Icmeler and had a great experience. The boat itself was comfortable with plenty of seats for everyone. The free time in Rhodes is around six hours, which is perfect amount of time to have a decent walk around to explore. Overall a brilliant excursion and a holiday with both Greece and Turkey.


    Went on trip to Rhodes from Icmeler cost £35 via Mares Travel our local travel agency that we found online. The boat trip is about 1hr to get across. On arrival you can find cabs for a tour around Rhodes island costing £10 per person. The food was pretty dear on the restaurants we tried and drinks were reasonable priced. The shops in the island are a bit more expensive compared to Turkey. But Rhodes is a real lovely place to visit for a day from Icmeler especially for the sight seeing. You can try this tour if you want to see Greece.


    If you have never been to Greece before, then I can recommend a day trip from Icmeler to Rhodes. It is do easy to book online with Mares Travel, they take your passport details and do the rest for you. The downfall that I can tell is its not long enough time, but Rhodes is a beautiful. Highly recommended for people looking for a day trip from Icmeler.


    Rhodes island is full of History. It is a beautiful old city with narrow streets. Do not miss the Grand Master Palace and all other historical sites in the town. A fantastic day trip and something different that you can do during your stay in Marmaris. Its a short travel for 45 minutes on the ferry, then you can spend the whole day in Rhodes. You can do lots of shopping in the markets and enjoy the wonderful local food.