Marmaris Turkish Night


If you are leaving Marmaris without enjoying its vibrant nightlife, you are missing a truly great experience! Graceful live performances are an integral part of most Turkish Nights. In Marmaris Turkish Night Show you can see artists playing music, dancing and the participants enjoying the evening festivities with great enthusiasm. Turkish belly-dancers, folklore musicians and dancers from Anatolia add more color and fervor to our show. Visitors can enjoy the entertainment as they are served with Turkish cuisines also unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during our show.

Marmaris Turkish Night

These eventful Turkish nights in Marmaris offer much more than you expect. Apart from rich food, drinks and live entertainment, frequent guest participations add more charm and enthusiasm to these nights. Guests can compete in belly dance competitions and get rewarded as well. The 4 hour Turkish night trips are arranged from Marmaris, Icmeler and Armutalan from May to October.

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • All Enterence Fees
  • Wine and Beer
  • Full insurance
  • Dinner

Turkish Night in Marmaris

These trips begin with picking you up from your hotel at about 19:30 pm.The tour fee includes the pick-up and drop-back services, entertainment, dinner and unlimited soft drinks as well as alcoholic drinks like beer and wine. You arrive at Kervansaray about 20:00 pm, where live performances are about to begin. The show begins as the Turkish folk dancers enter the stage and give a beautiful dance presentation. The waiters in the show serve you the main course made of chicken and rice, unlimited alcoholic and soft drinks and appetizers.

The traditional dancers dressed as brides in beautiful red dress dance in the center of the stage. Grooms also dance and perform various feats to impress their brides. After this enactment, all the guests are invited to the stage and join them to dance. You can enjoy many such folk dance presentations during each night trip. After this, the belly-dancers arrive on the stage.

They give a breathtaking performance and mesmerize everyone present there. They move about all the places in the restaurant and pick one man at a time to dance with her. It is very entertaining to watch how men try to learn the secrets of belly dancing from them. Following this, the party comes to an end after the fire dance and the drum show. You are taken back to your hotel at about midnight but we bet you will continue the show in your dreams and remember this exciting experience for long!

  • Avaliable Days: Please check the calendar
  • Dont Forget: Cameras. Its a great night with special folk dances, food and drinks. Fun fun fun !!!
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Marmaris Turkish Night

Alternative Activity

In what regards the culture, visitors of Marmaris are able to join multiple activities that unfold the local traditions and the Turkish culture. Although there are many of them, there is one particular activity that is characterized as an alternative cultural exploration. Marmaris Turkish Night is an amazing show that takes place during the evening. During the show, participants are able to understand how history and culture influenced the locals and their traditions. The show has an approximate duration of four hours, during which, you can listen to the local music, observe traditional costumes and watch an entertaining dance show that includes some of the most characteristic moves and rhythms around the country.

Who can participate?

There are no specific restrictions about participation in a Turkish Night. In fact, all visitors of Marmaris are welcome to join this extraordinary show and explore the culture of the country. The show is ideal for solo travellers and groups of friends who wish to have fun and enjoy an entertaining cultural exploration. In addition, the Marmaris Turkish Night is an exceptional option for families with small children. This is because the children will be able to experience from first hand and observe the local traditions and learn some important information in a fun way.

Marmaris Turkish Night

The Dancers

Marmaris Turkish Night includes a spectacular and atmospheric dance show. Professional dancers with traditional folklore costumes will enter the stage and offer you a memorable show. At the first phase of the show, the dancers will proceed with a folklore dance session. During this phase, participants are able to watch dances and listen to music from different regions around the country. The next phase of the show includes a representation of the traditional Turkish wedding. Dancers, dressed as bride and groom, will give you the opportunity to observe and understand the rituals of a traditional wedding. The most interesting and entertaining part, is the one that has a demonstration of the infamous belly dance. Dancers will challenge you and invite you to the dance floor in order to learn or exercise your moves.

The Music

During this amazing Turkish Night show in Marmaris, you will be also able to observe the traditional Turkish music instruments and listen to folklore music. An orchestra will be playing live music during the show. Get lost into the atmospheric rhythm and enjoy the show during this 4-hour cultural exploration. By the end of the dancing show, a DJ will be responsible for your entertainment. With traditional and popular Turkish songs, you will be invited to dance and join the dancers at stage.

The Culinary Tradition

A typical Turkish Night invites participants to embark on an outstanding journey. Except from the music, the dancers, and the colourful costumes participants will also be able to taste and learn some more information regarding the culinary tradition of the country. During the show, a delicious and freshly made dinner will be served at the restaurant. The dinner includes some typical recipes of the region. Get ready to taste the flavours and observe colours of the recipes. It must be noted that, during the show, you will be also able to enjoy an unlimited consumption of soft drinks, beers and wine. This all-inclusive experience targets to offer you a memorable show and long lasting memories.

Marmaris Turkish Night

What’s included?

Joining the Marmaris Turkish Night show is an alternative, yet entertaining way to explore the key elements of the Turkish culture. It is also a great option to spend an evening in Marmaris with your loved ones. For your own comfort, the package price of this activity includes a two-way transfer service from and to your hotel. A full insurance is also included as your safety is our number one priority. Furthermore, the price includes a spectacular show at a cosy and atmospheric restaurant. In order to enjoy the most of your experience, a typical Turkish dinner and unlimited consumption of soft drinks, beers and wine are also included. Please note that, other alcoholic beverages, tips and other personal expenses are not included in the price of the activity.

Important Notes

The Marmaris Turkish Night is an ideal excursion and activity for all. Participants should be aware that there are no restrictions regarding participation. However, it is important to note that if you wish to remember this evening show for ever, a camera is a must.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 4 Hours (Half Day Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • All Enterence Fees
  • Wine and Beer
  • Full insurance
  • Dinner
  • Other Drinks
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures

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8 Reviews Added Overall rating: 4.8


    We booked thru this website online, they collected us from our hotel in their mini bus. We had a great night with wine, beer, food and entertainment included in the price but keep in mind that you have to pay for the other drinks. The show was ok, pretty entertaining including the male belly dancer who was very good but i must admit that it was bit weird. The food we had was a selection of different starters and gave the children a plate of chips. Main course was as usual chicken, rice, chips and salad. Ant they served us melon as desert. The whole organization was very much for the tourists and as a tourist i really enjoyed the Turkish night show in Kervansaray.


    When i arrived to Kervensaray, i was not really sure what to expect. However minutes after the show started, it became very clear that i as to experince a very professional show. Turkish folk dances alongside with some very talented belly dancers. I couldnt recommend Kervensarays Turkish Night Show more highly – you really wont be disappointed.


    In Marmaris, if you are looking for a good turkish night show, then book with Mares Travel. It is a very good organization. All package covers transfer from the hotel and food with turkish night. Really enjoyed it.


    First of all, I would like to tell all people that I booked this tour for the show not for the food. But i must say that the food was good and drinks were enough for everybody. Kervansaray has standard food and drinks service for everyone. If you want to drink or eat anything else you can buy there. I have to tell that it was a very good night and Turkish people know how to make a party. From my point everything was very well organized and well. If you are around Marmaris, dont miss this show.


    Marmaris Turkish Night Tour met our needs and went far beyond our expectations. We are determined that we had made the best decision to book with Mares Travel. We strongly recommend anyone looking for a great dances, show and a nice dinner in Marmaris.


    Good show involved the audience food was good drinks included in price you could buy other drinks not included.
    Had a good night dancers and acrobats were good.

    No five star for this trip as I expected a little more and didnt like when leaving a guy with a huge tip box in your face.

    Hats off to all the entertainers though 👏


    Great night and well organised right from the sfart,dinner was good with unlimited free beer,wine and soft drinks,great show


    Superb evening and great value for money. We Cant recommend it enough. An absolure must if visiting marmaris. 10/10