Rent Electric Bicycle Marmaris

An electric-bike (e-bike) is a regular bike equipped with an electric motor and a battery. It’s also called “pedal assisted”.

When you pedal, the engine understands yours movement and activates itself, giving you a boost. This boost can be used during all cycling by a control panel placed on the handlebar or the e bike can pull you up when you are riding uphill. In a town like Marmaris, it is very convenient.

Our e-bikes are the most appropriate and innovative way to enjoy all the beauties of Marmaris with a great respect for the environment. With the e bikes, you can either spend an easy and relaxing day enjoying the beauties in the town or you can take a tour of countryside around Marmaris, with the option to use the electric engine as you like.

It’s a real experience to cycle in Marmaris alongside its inhabitants and its visitors, discovering the town in a easy way also having lots of fun and respecting the environment with the rhythm of a bike!

Enjoy Marmaris on two wheels and discover the best of this lovely town!

  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • 24 Hours Assistance
  • Local Taxes
  • V.A.T %18

What you need to Rent Electric Bicycle Marmaris

To rent our electric bikes we require as guarantee one of the following document: NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD or DRIVING LICENCE or PASSPORT.

The Document will bekept safely with us till the end of your rental period. If you do not have any Document available, a cash deposit can be accepted.

Safety Equminent

We will provide you with free helmets for adults and kids

How much is to Rent Electric Bicycle Marmaris

The price to rent an electric bicycle Marmaris

  • 10€/2 hrs
  • 18€/4 hrs
  • 25€/12 hrs
  • 100€/week
Rent Electric Bicycle Marmaris
Rent Electric Bicycle Marmaris
Rent Electric Bicycle Marmaris