Meet the Dolphins in Turunc


You can have a great deal of fun while meeting with the dolphins program, you can feed the dolphins, touch them or even give a kiss or get a kiss by dolphins. Our Meet the Dolphins in Turunc program also comes with free hotel pick service.

Meet the Dolphins in Turunc

Dolphin Park is just 30 minutes away from your hotel in Turunc , We will give you a private car transfer from Turunc to Marmaris where the meeting program is organzied. Dolphins are exceptionally merry, funny, friendly and open! Don’t miss your opportunity to give an embrace to the kindest and most elegant animals of the world!

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  • Meet the Dolphins Program
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Turnc Dolphin Park

The Dolphin Park is one of the most popular attractions in the area for both, locals and foreigners. Within its modern premises, this facility promises to make your dreams come true by immersing you into the world of dolphins. Inside the park dolphins, you can see those cute sea creatures which are hosted for both, entertaining and educational purposes. During your holidays in Turunc you can visit the dolphin park and experience a unique combination of feelings while observing and interacting with the dolphins. This particular activity is ideal for people of all ages. By participating, you can watch an amazing dolphin show andinteract with them.

In the event that you’ll have the opportunity to touch a dolphin, this is for you! Join the mentor on the stage to shake flippers with your new dolphin companion! Give the dolphin a little backrub to experience what a dolphin feels like while the dolphin gets a change to unwind and appreciate… move, play with ring and ball, nourish him fish get kisses too. In the meet program that we have, your dreams can come true, get close to a dolphin and find out about them in a remarkable way while spending energizing minutes with your new friend, then go along with this pick up this tour. Get kissed, touch and hit the dance floor with the dolphin to boost both yours and the dolphin’s delight!

  • Avaliable Days: EVERYDAY
  • Notice: Visitors can go inside the Dolphin park and watch their friends or family member doing the meet or swim program.
  • Dont Forget: Swimsuits, Suncreams, Towels, Cameras, Hat.
  • Restrictions: Suitable for all age groups.
  • Attention: The price covers one way transfer from Turunc to Marmaris. At the end of the tour you will be taken to the bus station in Marmaris, where you can catch a dolmus (Public Service Vehicle) back to Turunc.
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İcmeler Dolphin Park

Is it far?

The Dolphinarium is located at a seaside spot close to the city centre of Marmaris. For the purposes of this excursion, a comfortable and fully air conditioned car will pick you up from your hotel in Turunc and transfer you there. The road trip is almost 30 minutes but you can take this time to relax and enjoy some nice views.

Meet the Dolphins

What makes this excursion special is that on the first part, you will be able to understand how intelligent dolphins are, while on the second part you will be able to experience it from first hand. One of the most interesting characteristics that dolphin have is their excellent behaviour when interacting with the humans. After the show, you will meet the dolphins and spend some time with them. This activity enables you to interact with them and understand from first-hand how friendly they are. Accompanied by the professional caregivers of the dolphins, you will approach the pool. The professional will let you know how to approach the dolphins and how to behave. During the 30 minute session, you can touch them, kiss them and feed. The meeting session is a special moment not to be missed as it fills you with positive feelings and offers you great memories.

Meet the Dolphins in Turunc

Is it safe?

Dolphins are particularly known for their excellent interaction with the humans. Among the greatest skills that they have is that they can be really friendly and compassionate with children.In case you wish to meet the dolphins but you are having second thoughts, there is nothing to worry about. The dolphins, as cute and intelligent sea creatures, are happy to meet and play with you and your kids. It must be noted that, during the meeting session, a professional trainer will be present and ready to assist you if needed. The dolphin trainer will be responsible to make your experience easy, pleasurable and smooth, so that you can enjoy every single minute.

Children friendly

As mentioned earlier, this excursion is the perfect option for all those people who wish to get away from the crowds and spend some time full of fun and excitement. The unique blend of emotions you get and the relaxing sensation that you receive from the dolphins are able to have a positive impact on you and make your holiday experiences even better. This activity is characterized as children friendly. Your kids will be full of enthusiasm when kissing and feeding the dolphins. In addition, the whole experience can be also characterized as an alternative educational activity. This is because children are able to learn interesting and important information about dolphins.

Meet the Dolphins in Turunc

What’s included?

This excursion is available everyday during the summer season from Turunc. Except from offering you a first class experience to interact with the dolphins, this excursion is also a perfect getaway from the crowds. The price includes a transfer service from your hotel in Turunc towards the dolphin park and a transfer back to Marmaris bus station for your return. In addition, the price includes the entry fee to the park, a ticket for the show and a 15-minute session for interacting with the dolphins. It must be noted that, snacks, drinks, photos and personal expenses are not included in the package price.

Professional photos

Touching, hugging and feeding the dolphin are surely amazing experiences for all people. For safety reasons, during the meeting session you are not allowed to use your own camera. However, there is nothing to worry about. A professional photographer will be present and responsible to capture all the fun and nice moments of you during the 15 minutes of interaction. At the end of this experience, you can preview the photos and purchase them at an extra cost.

Important notes

The dolphin park offer another amazing activity during which you can swim with the dolphins at an extra cost. This activity is available by the end of the dolphin show and is possible only if you book in advance.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 3 Hours (Half Day Tour)

  • Turunc Hotel Pick-up Service
  • Entrance Fees to Dolphinarium
  • Meet the Dolphins Program
  • Day With The Dolphins
  • Full Insurance
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  • Personal Expenditures

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    I always wanted to visit a dolphin park, and meet program will be the best option for you if you dont know how to swim like me. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.