Pamukkale Balloon Tour


What makes holidays memorable are the lifetime experiences you can have and the exceptional activities that can enjoy. In Pamukkale there is a plethora of things to do and excursions to join in order to create some special memories. The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is definitely one of them. Flying up in the sky during the sunrise and witnessing nature at its finest is something you surely don’t want to miss.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

Pamukkale is one of the best places in the country for a hot air balloon ride. This is because the flight looks like the perfect alternative for an incredible sightseeing experience. More specifically, Pamukkale is famous for having few interesting, yet important sites that create the perfect backdrop for such activity. Joining the Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon experience allows you to observe the majestic cotton castle from above and admire its stunning travertines. An ancient city that reflects the warm colours of the sunrise is another major highlight of the experience.

  • Certificate & Champaigne Toast
  • Safety Briefing Before Flight
  • Hotel Transfer Service
  • Full Insurance
  • Balloon Fee
  • Pilot Fee

Fly Over Pamukkale For One Hour

The activity takes place during the early morning hours, before sunrise. For your own comfort transfers,from your hotel and back, are part of the itinerary so that you can enjoy every minute of the experience. It is important to note that, all transfers are made with modern and fully air conditioned cars.

The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon experience has an approximate duration of two hours. During this time, except from the actual flight you will also be able to observe and learn many interesting things about hot air balloons. More specifically, when you arrive at the hot air balloon station you will receive an important briefing from the pilots. They will let you know how the hot air balloons work, but also they will explain the basic safety rules you need to follow during the flight. After the introductory briefing, you will then watch them filling the balloon with air and making all the required preparations. Feel free to ask anything you wish to know and the opportunity to capture some really interesting pictures during the process.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour

In case you never experienced a hot air balloon flight before, there is nothing to worry about as our company always puts safety first. The pilots are fully certified and licenced by the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority and are experienced enough to offer you a safe and smooth experience. In addition, hot air balloons, in general, are among the best ways to explore an area. Our hot air balloons are colourful and their baskets are spacious enough to accommodate your group, as they can fit up to 20 people.

The real adventure begins once the hot air balloon is fully inflated. Once you enter the basket and make yourself comfortable, the pilots will start the take-off process. At a point, you will find yourself flying up in the sky.

As you rise above the ground, you will witness the very first colours of the sun’s reflections during the sunrise. The warmth of the colourful pallet will instantlyoffer you positive emotions as it is a true feast for your eyes. Except from the stunning and imposing sunrise, by participating in the Hot Air Balloon Experience, you get the chance to enjoy some sightseeing over Pamukkale. According to the flight route,you will pass just above the infamous Cotton Castle and the ancient city of Hierapolis. Take this opportunity to enjoy some breath-taking panoramic views over the sites and snap some photos.

  • Avaliable Days: EVERYDAY
  • Dont Forget: Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes, Hat.
  • Notice: Children under 4 years old are not allowed to participate on Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon.
  • Notice: There can be sudden flight cancellations due to the wind, fog or some other reasons. Our pilots and local authorities are making the final decisions. Your safety is our first priority. In such cases the balloon fee will be fully refunded.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

Where is the take off site?

The Cotton Castle is in fact a white-washed limestone mountain that has naturally-shaped terraces filled with thermal water. Observing nature at its finest from above is a truly unique experience, and the hot air balloon flight can make your dreams come true. The dreamy setting is completed by the ancient city of Hierapolis. During antiquity, this city used to be a spiritual and healing centre due to the existence of the nearby thermal springs. During the flight you can observe the ruins reflecting the outstanding colours of the sunrise.

How long is the balloon flight?

The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon flight lasts for approximately 1 hour. The pilot takes the balloon at the highest allowed altitude, at 3000 meters above the ground level. After that, the balloon starts to follow a landing mode, until you safely and smoothly arrive at the specialized landing area. However, this is not the end of this magnificent activity! As we wish to offer you a truly memorable time and experience, a short celebration follows.

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Professional Pilots

When you arrive, a welcoming session follows. During this time you will have the chance to meet the professional pilots and receive important information about the flight. They will also let you know the basic safety rules and how to behave during the flight. After that, they will start preparing the hot air balloon and you can watch the preparation and snap some photos.

The flight

It has long been a tradition that after each flight, participants have to make a champagne toast and celebrate their achievement. At the landing point, the team of professionals will offer you a glass of champagne so that you can feel proud for joining this outstanding flight. Furthermore, the pilots offer to each of the participants a flight certificate which is a great souvenir to take back home.

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Panoramic views

Joining a Hot Air Balloon experience in Pamukkale is not only an incredible way to get away from the crowds. In fact, this particular activity is one of the most popular and frequently chosen alternative experiences. This is because it can boost your adrenaline levels while allowing you to relax and enjoy a plethora of positive feelings. The flight is also a great way to explore Pamukkale’s main points of interest from above and admire their unique beauty. However, the experiences most important highlight is that it enables you to create some memories that will last forever. The picture-perfect scenery, the fairy tale-like Cotton Castle, and the warm colours of the sun that is rising just in front of your eyes are some of the main elements that make this experience unforgettable.

Champagne toast

The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is an ideal option for people of all ages, as it can satisfy all expectations and meet all interests. It is also a perfect activity for couples wishing to experience romance or for families seeking a relaxing, yet exciting activity during holidays. Choosing to join the Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon experience is also great for solo travellers as it forms a great way to socialize and even make some new friends. By the end of the activity, you will return back to your hotel full of positive emotions and long lasting memories.

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Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 1 Hour Flight

  • Certificate & Champaigne Toast
  • Safety Briefing Before Flight
  • Free Hotel Transfer
  • Full Insurance
  • Balloon Fee
  • Pilot Fee
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Food & Drinks

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10 Reviews Added Overall rating: 4.7


    I felt like I was dreaming! I’ve always wanted to experience this flight so when I found out that I could do it Pamukkale I booked immediately! Cool people, the company was great. The flight goes really smooth, no inconvenience at all. The basket was large, there were other people inside but we were all comfortable. The wow factor for me was the sunrise. All these worm colours, the sunlight reflections, and everything! I think it was a lifetime experience for me. An excellent day to start my day, I was full of energy after that. Try it!


    Early wake up call, but definitely worthy! The balloon flight was a dream that came true. We were in Pamukkale last month with my husband and did the flight on our last day. Superb way to end our vacations. It was a bit chill during the morning so make sure that you are having a jacket. Watching Pamukkale from above and all these colourful balloons around us was just incredible. I took many pictures of the sites and of the sunrise. No words can actually describe what I felt. I recommend the hot air balloon flight and the tour operator. Everything was perfect.


    Group of friends and family. Booked this in advance and I have to say that it was a very simple process. Exchanges few massages and that’s it! Excellent customer service. They offered us transfers, which was really good since we were a kind of big group. Pilot was super cool. I watched him preparing the balloon and he answered some questions that I had. Flight and landing were smooth and felt completely safe. I wasn’t expecting this, but we all had a great time. At the end we had a sort of small party and it was great. Thank you for everything!


    Just came back at the hotel. We are on a girls’ trip and we all wanted to experience the balloon flight. I think it was the most picture-perfect thing we’ve done so far here. My friends and I were stunned by the whole flight. The cotton castle was dreamy and when the sun started rising, oh wow! All these warm colours were just b beautiful. Great views, exceptional landscapes, an awesome pilot. We also had fun at the after party. They even gave us some certificates for our participation. I just want to do it again! One day I’ll be back for sure.


    Delightful and great for kids. We joined the flight with our 3 kids and I think they will remember this for a long time. When we started taking-off we were full of excitement – not many people in the basket, so better for us! The pilot was very caring, he explained to the kids many things and so we were a bit relaxed knowing that the guy is experienced. When we reached the highest point, it was pure magic. The sunrise in front of us got us speechless, the kids loved every minute of the flight! Excellent activity for families. Great memories and nice people. Recommended.


    That was an absolute perfection! I mean, wow! I’ve done the hot air balloon flight in other locations in turkey, but Pamukkale was just perfect. I could spot so many sites from up there. The ancient city and the travertines were stunning. Super alternative way to take pictures of the area. The team did every great, I’m super happy with the service and the flight experience. If you are there try it!! At the end we were given a glass of champagne, it’s a kind of tradition they say. Just perfect, absolutely recommended.


    I surprised my girlfriend last week with a balloon flight. She was super happy when she found out about it. I want to say thank you for the excellent organisation, everything was on time. We really enjoyed it. When we were in the basket it was amazing, lot of emotions, lots of colours, images, and of course the views. Ouf! I couldn’t stop taking pictures, and I was really pleased to see my girl smiling all the time. At the end there was a celebration for us. We did a champagne toast and had some fun with the pilots. Amazing!


    All I have to say is OMG! What an incredible thing to do. Dreamy landscapes, outstanding views, wow sunrise, and lots of emotions. Yeah, that’s what we got from our flight!! My friends and I had a blast. We saw many pictures and reviews, but honestly nothing can actually describe what we felt and what we experienced. The travertines looked out of this world, Hierapolis also. There were many balloons up there and the whole atmosphere was soooo nice! I was so emotional when I went back to the hotel. Such a great experience. Just try it!


    Booked many tours with this company and they are trustworthy. The hot air balloon was the first thing I did when I arrived to Pamukkale. I was on a solo trip, but there were other people in the group so we got friendly. The pilots were experienced, I felt relaxed knowing that they know what they are doing. It was like we were flying, smooth, easy, no problems at all. The sunrise is a true feast for the eyes! The colour palette was so warm and everything looked prettier with the sunlight. I will never forget the balloon experience. A great recommendation to all.


    I was in Pamukkale a couple of weeks ago and convinced my parents to join me in this incredible flight. The three of us had an exceptional experience. They were stressed during take-off, but then they really enjoyed it. The flight is amazing!!! Being up there watching Pamukkale and the sun rising in front of us was something extremely special. I’m glad we shared this experience as a family! When we landed we got flight certificates and I think it was awesome!! What a day that was! Incredible! The organisers were also super, 5 star service and super professionals. Well done guys, you did an amazing job!