Do Something Different , Explore Marmaris National Park

Do Something Different , Explore Marmaris National Park

Marmaris National Park

Marmaris National Park is 33.350 hectares in area and officially announced on 30 January 1996 with the main aim of “establishing an organization balancing protection and use within the status as a national park of the natural, cultural and recreational resources of exceptionally beautiful landscape for today and the future.”

Marmaris national park is located on the Resadiye peninsula within the borders of Marmaris sub-province in Mugla at the South West of Turkey. The national park has got Turkish Pine Trees, Sweetgum, Eucalyptus, Stone Pine, Cypress, Maquis in its borders .

How to go there ?

If you are not one of these regular tourists in Marmaris and looking for a challenge and a new experience then explore Marmaris National Park, first you must make your way to Marmaris town center and from there you must catch the pink colored Dolmus ( Public Service Vehicle ) to Yalancı Bogaz, it takes around 10 minutes drive and tell the driver you want to get out of the dolmus at the entrance gate of the national park. Or by renting a motor bike or a bicycle will also do good.

Dolmus Station at the Center of Marmaris
Entrance at the Main Road
Entrance of Marmaris National Park

How much it is ?

For each adult they charge 3 lira entrance fee at year 2016, but luckily when i went there in the morning there was no one at the entrance gate, so i didn’t pay any money this time.

What to do there ?

Enjoy great walk in the dense forests and most of the area is covered with the thick forests of Turkish pine trees and sweetgum trees. There are path ways to walk also wooden platforms to make the walk easier.There is also a very quite beach to swim and relax.

Walking Path Marmaris National Park
So Green Marmaris National Park
River at Marmaris National Park

Are there any food options or facilities ?

No not really, if you are deciding to spend some time over there, make your self a lunch box on the way and don’t forget to bring some water with you.

Also public toilets are available for free of charge.

Can i swim there ?

Yes you can, there is a small beach at the end of the forests where you can swim, pretty quite, green and a lonely place to a enjoy a day or half.

Beach at Marmaris National Park
Beach at the National Park
River at Marmaris National Park

The Oriental Sweetgum Tree

The oil from this tree was used by the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra as a “love potion” and has been used since the time of Hippocrates as a medicine. The ancient Egyptians used it in the process of mummification. The oriental Sweetgum (Liquidmabar orientalis ) is found naturally in Anatolia and is endemic especially around Marmaris.

When the bark of the tree is cut, the balsam so obtained is know as sweetgum oil. Sweetgum oil is a good antiseptic. It is used in pharmacy, perfumery also as an incense in the churches and other places.

Wood Patfroms to Walk at Marmaris National Park
Entrance Path of the Marmaris National Park
Public Toilets in National Park

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