Marmaris Scuba Diving


Scuba diving in Marmaris is the most interesting activity you will ever be able to experience on your vacation to Marmaris. Scuba diving in Marmaris among clearest water planks of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Channel. This is an exciting under-water recreational sport, which provides you great adventure, fun and the thrill. Along with all this excitement, the unique biodiversity of Marmaris makes scuba diving all the more interesting.

Marmaris Diving

We offer you with all the professional quality safety equipments needed for this endeavor. The equipments we provide are light and adhere with safety standards prescribed by the local government. The trip fee is all inclusive of the pick-up & drop-back services; full instructions, insurance, diving equipment, two dives and lunch. Marmaris Diving is undisputedly, the number one family entertainment activity in and around the town.

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Underwater World
  • All Equipments
  • Full insurance
  • Instructions
  • Lunch (Sandwich)

Marmaris Scuba Diving

Marmaris Scuba Diving Trip duration is of 8 hours (depending on the number of participants). The trip beings as we pick you from your hotel at around 9:30 am. Before beginning with the dive, you are provided with formal instructions along with a fast track session on diving principles, including underwater sign-language. This short class is conducted keeping in mind your full safety during the diving trip. We check all the safety equipments including gas equipments and oxygen masks at regular intervals to ensure that they provide you utmost comfort and safety.

We even keep our paramedical team to attend any emergency that may arise in between. However, such incidences hardly occur. Just as you enter the water and your feet touch the ocean floor, you will feel a sense of weightlessness. The water is calm and comfortable, and you feel as if you are floating in space! Taking part in Marmaris Scuba Diving will give you a mesmerizing experience. The dazzling sunlight that reflect into the shallow ocean bed provide you an amazing glimpse of the colorful fish and various other marine life under the sea.

Skilled divers will certainly will find our trip more interesting as they can venture out to more interesting reefs, caves and wrecks as well. Do not forget to bring along with you sun cream, swimsuits and towels. The trip includes the tasty lunch offered at noon. At about 17:00 pm in the evening, you are dropped back to your place at the end of the trip.

  • Available Days: EVERYDAY
  • Don’t Forget: Swimsuits, Sun creams, Towels.
  • Restrictions: Persons with medical limitations and persons under the age of 13 can only attend as guests
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Marmaris Scuba Diving

Is Marmaris good for diving?

Turkey is known for having some truly stunning diving locations that attract thousands of divers every year. The broader area of Marmaris is one of the most known diving locations. This is because it enables holiday makers to dive into the crystal clear and turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. More precisely, there are multiple diving spots in the area able to offer you a unique experience like no other. The clean waters demonstrate high visibility that in turn allows you to observe and admire the underwater world. Those who are interested in joining a diving excursion should expect to observe an amazing variety of colourful fishes and experience the serenity of the sea.

Marmaris Diving

Who can participate?

The Diving in Marmaris excursion is ideal for all. Whether you are a solo traveller, a couple, a family or a group of friends, this excursion is able to upgrade your holidays and offer you long lasting memories and unique feelings. However, it must be noted that, for your own safety there are some restrictions in participation. Firstly, participation in this excursion is approved for all people above 14 years old, who are able to swim. Secondly, participants should not experience any health-related issue in order to join the tour. Finally, please note that participants under 18 years should dive with a parent.

Is prior experience necessary?

This diving tour in Marmaris is ideal for both, beginners and experienced divers. In case this is your first diving experience, there is nothing to worry about. Once you arrive at the port, professional and experienced diving instructors will welcome you. The instructors will then offer an introductory briefing to ensure the smooth operation of the excursion. During this introductory briefing, they will explain how to use the diving equipment and the basic safety procedures. In addition, they will demonstrate how to use properly the underwater sign language and how to behave during the diving.

Marmaris Scuba Diving

Is diving compulsory?

If you wish to join this diving experience in Marmaris, please note that diving is not compulsory. For the purposes of this activity, participants will be travelling with a spacious, comfortable and modern boat. Thus, you can also join this tour as an alternative boat trip towards secluded beaches and impressive locations in the Aegean Sea. Non-divers are welcome aboard to spend a fun and relaxing day around Marmaris. During the boat trip you may relax on the deck and enjoy the sun, swim into the blue waters of the Aegean or snorkel.

Diving spots in Marmaris

Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy two 30-minute dives during this full day excursion. The diving spots are changing every day in an effort to offer to our guests the best possible experience. More precisely, during the morning and prior the beginning of this tour, the professional and experienced diving instructors choose the diving spots based on the weather conditions and the flow of the wind. In general, the licenced instructors choose the best possible diving spots that have clear and high visibility.


As this is a full day excursion that lasts approximately 8 hours, participants will be able to enjoy a freshly made and delicious lunch aboard. The meal will be served after the first dive and before the second one in order to give you the necessary energy for your next dive. The lunch break will also be a great opportunity to relax on the boat, enjoy the sun or have some fun with your friends or family.

Marmaris Scuba Diving

What’s included?

The Marmaris Diving tour takes place on a daily basis during the morning. The price includes a two-way transfer service from and to your hotel in Marmaris. In addition, it includes a full insurance, all the necessary diving equipment and an introductory briefing session. Participants will also enjoy a lunch aboard which is included in the price. It must be noted that, drinks and other personal expenses are not included in the price.

Photos and Video

Diving in Marmaris is a truly exceptional experience not to be missed. The professional diving instructors will take you to some incredible diving spots in the Aegean Sea. According to the schedule of the excursion, participants will enjoy two dives at two different spots. During the dives, the professional diving instructors will be in charge to snap some incredible underwater photos and videos of you and your loved ones. Upon arrival back to the port, you will be able to preview these photos and videos. In you are interested, you can purchase them at an extra cost in order to make your memories from this activity long lasting.

Important notes

This full day diving tour in Marmaris has an approximate duration of 8 hours. Please note that you need to bring your own swim suit and towel for the purposes of this excursion. In addition, due to the high temperatures in Marmaris during the summer months, a hat and a sun cream are highly recommended.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration:8 Hours (Full Day Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Underwater World
  • All Equipments
  • Full insurance
  • Instructions
  • Lunch
  • Personal Expenditures
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Drinks
  • Photos and Video

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    I had really good time in Marmaris Scuba Diving Tour , we booked through internet by Mares Travel and it was brilliant. It was my first time for diving and these guys are real professionals in way they organize everything. They make sure that they are always with you and care about your safety, my non diver family had great time on board and were very well looked after too. Would recommend it to anyone ,who loves diving.


    We did one of the best diving trips in our life in Marmaris, even you search all the travel agencies in Marmaris but the best price is on the internet. We did our bookings with Mares Travel and John was the one we were talking to all the time, everything is well organized and we used all the modern equipment for diving. The staff and our instructors were the best one in the town and we really enjoyed every single moment in this tour. I do recommend Marmaris Scuba Diving for everybody.


    The diving instructors were really patient with me as I was a bit anxious. They helped me achieve a lifetime dream of feeding the fish under water. All drinks and meal included, fantastic price and a delightful experience.


    John were back , I need to pass on a tremendous thank you to your team from all of us. They were a magnificent, caring and trustworthy crew. Reassuring and never any pressure to continue, but always gentle encouragement and reassurance that we were safe and protected. The teaming up is brilliant and allows each person to go at there pace and to gain confidence. I will recommend the company to anyone with out hesitation. Each member of the crew were approachable and definitely friendly making sure they interacted with everyone. My daughter was nervous but so happy to have had the experience and the commitment and comfort of one to one contact until she was happy. Amazing. We have loved it.

    A truly fantastic day out and one we will never forget. So glad we managed to do it. Many thanks for your help .


    Me and my daughter joined the Marmaris Diving Tour for our first diving experince. I can’t recommend this place higly enough. The instructors on the boat were incredibly helpful and very attentive. Ahmet was very encouraging and without him, i couldnt have done it. If you are going to visit Marmaris , try this diving tour.


    There can be only one word which may tell this diving experience: EXCELLENT. If you like to learn diving like me or want to do diving, i highly recommend this company. They are very friendly, highly motivated and helpful team. They are the best in Marmaris do not even bother trying anywhere else.


    They never let you be alone, the staff are great professionals, always helpful and polite. Go for Marmaris Diving Tour, its well organized and super fun.


    I recommend this exciting scuba diving for you! The waters are so clear, and the professional guides with the crew are so supportive. I have taken more diving tours around the globe but this one has something special on offer. Our group has already planned for another visit to Marmaris and scuba diving is yet again on our ‘to do list’ here!


    Excellent instructors and very professional guiding. I highly recommend this diving tour to anyone.


    The Marmaris underwater diving was a memorable day in my life. The instructors and staff are very professional. I didnt have any experience of diving, but they make it as easy as its nothing to worry. They are very helpful. The underwater scenery was so amazing. The colorful fish and many other things. Would highly recommend it to anyone to go.


    This was mine and my husbands first time doing Diving and it was the highlight of our holiday. The day was organised well and the instructors were friendly and approachable. The actual diving was an experience which we loved and enjoyed being under water with the instructors. Definitely something which we will be doing again.


    I always use Mares Travel when I go scuba diving in Marmaris. The crew are really professional, all the instructors are so calm and exelent in their job. We will see you next time diving in Marmaris for sure.


    My son and I went on a scuba diving tour with Mares Travel. Our guide Ahmet was very helpful and the whole day was very well organised. This tour is really safe and fun fro a novice diver. The lunch was basic but nice. Go for it, its a great day out.


    The tour was absolutly perfect, pickup from my hotel, very friendly crew, definitly perfect instructors and the diving spots were also very beautiful. I am so happy 🙂


    The very best and safe place for diving in Marmaris. Many thanks to our instructors but special thanks to instructor Mr. Engin.


    We did 3 times diving with the very same crew, amazing people, good equipments. The diving places were also good, very clean turquoise-colored waters. I highly recommended Mares Travel for scuba diving in Marmaris. The instructors were very trustworthy, which is the most important thing underwater 🙂


    This diving tour was the best experience of summer 2015 for me and my girl friend. Thank you very much guys. It was the best trip in Marmaris ever.


    My first ever scuba dive was in Marmaris with Mares Travel and it was an amazing experience doing it with the best local travel company. You will really feel comfortable, be sure that you will have very well experienced instructors all around you. I couldnt have asked for any more support under the water. At the beginning I was a bit scared but then my instructor Engin made me relaxed me. I had 2 excellent dives in the same day and I am 100% going back again.