Marmaris Horse Safari


If you are avid traveler looking for more in Marmaris, horse riding could give you that thrilling experience. At just 20 minutes drive from the resort town of Marmaris, you get an opportunity to ride horses and just spend some time in their company. You can enjoy an authentic village life while you ride through the pine forests, the wild rivers and the orange groves nearby. Marmaris Horse Safari Tour is usually available everyday from April to November. Prices include pick-up and return transportation, insurance and instructions as well.

Marmaris Horse Safari

The trip is available in two sessions each day, the first one is at 10:00 am and the second one at 14:00 pm. Each session last for about 3 hours from pickup and drop back to your hotel. You will be riding your horse through the countryside of Marmaris for 1 hour. No experience in horse riding is required to enjoy this wonderful time. All you need to do is simply stay on the saddle and let your horse do the rest!

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • 1 Hour Horse Riding
  • A Day in Nature
  • Safety Equiment
  • Full insurance
  • Instructions

Riding a Horse in Marmaris

The horses here are amazingly easy-goers and they give their best ride even for someone who is doing a horse riding for the first time in their life! Your kids can also ride on their own horses and join you in the tour. Children younger than 6 years are not charged any fee. If anyone of your friends or family wishes not to take part in the horse safari, they can stay back at the ranch and enjoy the nature until you join them back. You can enjoy a thrilling half day amidst nature’s beautiful surroundings riding on a horse back.

These trips are generally unsuitable for guests with physical difficulties. And, for those participating in these trips are advised to bring their trousers or Capri shorts and sun creams as well. Other facilities like cold drinks and DVDs are also offered at the safari, but they are not included in the listed price for this tour. You can move through fruit orchards, vineyards, lush valleys and splash through the wild waters in the region. The narrow village roads offer you an incredible experience; you can talk to the villagers and take photos as souvenirs of your trip to Marmaris. Marmaris Horse Safari Trip is available from Marmaris, Armutalan and icmeler. Horse safari around the country side in Marmaris offers a great opportunity to explore the surroundings and enjoy nature from a close quarter.

  • Avaliable Days: Everyday
  • Handicap-Accessible: No, Not suitable for guests with physical difficulties.
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Marmaris Horse Safari

Is Marmaris ideal for horse riding?

The Horse Safari is a half-day excursion that takes place on a daily basis. With an approximate duration of 3 hours, this ultra-relaxing and fun activity, offers you the opportunity to ride a horse in the beautiful countryside of Marmaris. The area where we organize the activity one of the best available in the region. During the horse safari, participants are passing through vineyards, pine trees, and lush vegetation with beautiful flowers. The narrow countryside paths, along with the previously mentioned spectacular backdrop make Marmaris an ideal place for a relaxing horse riding experience.

Marmaris Horse Safari

Is it safe?

This half-day relaxing activity is completely safe. Upon arrival at the horse ranch, you will have the opportunity to meet the professional horse riding instructors. After a warm welcoming, the instructors will provide an important introductory briefing on how to ride a horse and about the basic safety procedures. It must be noted that, the horses used for this activity as well trained and friendly with humans. During the activity, you will also be accompanied by a professional instructor who will be in charge to assist you in case you need.

Who is eligible to participate?

The horse safari is an ideal activity for people of all ages. However, for your own safety, it must be noted that people experiencing physical disabilities are restricted from participating. Furthermore, this activity requires no prior experience. Thus, if this is your first horse safari experience there is nothing to worry about. Professional horse riding instructors will demonstrate how to ride a horse, and how you should behave and interact with this intelligent animal.

Children friendly

Horse Safari in Marmaris is characterized as a children friendly activity. Horse riding, in general, is associated with multiple positive impacts on the health and the mentality of a person. In what regards the children, horse riding can improve the position of the body and help children maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, horses are able to create positive feelings and assist the mental processes of a child. It is important to mention that, children under the age of 8 are able to participate free of charge. However, please note that in this case the child should be accompanied by an adult parent. Finally, this particular activity meets all the safety requirements for children.

Marmaris Horse Safari

What’s included?

This half-day Horse Safari in Marmaris has an approximate duration of 3 hours. For your own comfort, the price includes a two-way transfer service from and to your hotel in Marmaris. In order to make you enjoy the most of your experience, a full insurance and all the necessary safety equipment is also included in the price. Moreover, the package price includes also an introductory briefing with important instructions, a 1-hour horse riding session and an English speaking guide. Please note that, food, drinks, photos and other personal expenses are not included in the price.

Photos & DVD

The 1-hour horse safari experience will fill you with incredibly positive emotions. The picturesque countryside backdrop and the tranquil setting enable participants to enjoy every single minute of this activity. In order to make you enjoy this experience at its maximum, a professional horse riding instructor will accompany you. The instructor will also be in charge to take some beautiful photos and videos of you and your loved ones. Therefore, there is no need to bring your own camera. By the end of this activity, when you return back at the ranch, you can preview these pictures and videos. Those who are interested can purchase them at an extra cost.

Important notes

Exploring the countryside of Marmaris with a horse is an ideal activity to get away from the crowds. However, due to the high temperatures in Marmaris during the summer months, participants are instructed to wear a hat, sunglasses and sun cream. In addition, for your own comfort, you are instructed to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Marmaris Horse Safari

Interact with the locals

During the 1-hour horse riding, you will be also passing by some picturesque villages in the countryside. This will be a great opportunity to interact with the locals, learn some interesting facts about their everyday life and their village. During your short stop at the village, you can also take the chance to snap some photos of the picturesque landscape or shop some nice souvenirs to take back home. Marmaris Horse Safari is definitely a memorable activity that enables you to spend some quality time with your loved ones and targets the creation of long lasting memories.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 3 Hours (Half Day Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • 1 Hour Horse Riding
  • A Day in Nature
  • Safety Equiment
  • Full insurance
  • Instructions
  • Drinks
  • Photos & Video
  • Personal Expenditures

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16 Reviews Added Overall rating: 4.8


    We had a great time at Marmaris Horse Safari, the staff made it very good fun , me and my daughter done this trip and will definitely be going again. You ride the horses through the river. it was so good and so enjoyable, and so much fun.


    After being most of all of the excursions in Marmaris like (jeep safari,quad bike ,boat trips ) we decided to try something that we had never done before, so me and my wife and our friends wanted to try this horse riding in marmaris, thanks to everything went really good . The staff was very friendly and know what they are doing and there is a horse for everybody so each rider will find a match to a suitable horse. There were 7 of us , we all had a coaching lesson before setting off . Be sure it worth to try and if we ever have a chance in Turkey or nearby we would definitely do it again.


    Hi John ! sorry about that we were a bit late and it was a bit messy without phone but horse safari was really good and we enjoyed so much . Thanks for all


    This was the first time for me and my family to on the horse safari. It was really great, we were picked up from the hotel and 20 mins we were at the stables. The track was nice and very green, the instructors were always with us and it was really safe. Great and highly recommended.


    Me and my girlfriend had the most amazing time riding through the forests and river beds in Marmaris. Our guide and the team was very friendly and helpful. We were both experienced and very happy with our horses. They are exceptionally well cared for and were gleaming with health. Thank you for a nice day out.


    Me and my family decided to go for Horse Safari in Marmaris, just being honest i was abit scared . Even though i am not actually experienced in horse riding, our guide was very friendly and gave us detailed instructions and made all group very comfortable. Riding my horse through the pine trees and river beds was an exciting experience and we had some great time. One must not miss this amazing adventure.


    Having not been on a horse over 20 years and to be honest it was a little scary, but no need to be. The horses on the ranch are well trained and each guest will pick up horse depending on size and ability to ride. There were always instructors around us and they kept a very close eye on each and every rider. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour after 20 years and will definitely do it again.


    I enjoyed Marmaris horseriding tour very much, and i can easily recommend this tour to anyone. It was such a beautiful way to experince the nature of Marmaris. The staff was very sympathic and friendly.


    I went on the horse safari with my son and we absolutely loved it. It was the first horse riding experience for my son. Cuma the trainer took a calmer horse for us as it was our first time. We were riding our horses through the forests and river beds, it was really good fun. Our horses groomed and well cared. I highly recommend to anyone who fancy doing something different in Marmaris.


    I normally never write reviews, but since Mr Emre asked: -) Horse riding tour from Marmaris, is a lovely experience and thank you all for making my day such a memorable occasion. Mares Travel really takes care of her customers, Thoroughly recommended.


    Absolutely fine for beginners and a nice 1 hour spent riding though the whole trip took just over 3 hours.


    Most enjoyable day of my holiday, I have never been on a horse safari but staff guided me all day. Best to wear is long trousers if you are going to do this tour.


    I booked Marmaris horse safari tour with two other friends. We were all beginners for horse riding but the ride was very peaceful. Our horses were very friendly and well taken care. Definitely will come back.


    I have no experience with horses, but enjoyed every minute of Marmaris Horse Safari Tour. Well worth what we paid. My horse was called molly, you will have the chance to feed your horse before the trek. The horse riding was for an hour, which I felt was more than enough considering our lack of experience. The guys at Mares Travel will help you with everything, nothing to worry about.


    Great trip horses are a wee bit cheeky if they want to be Infront but nothing dangerous.
    Please give the mummy donkey a apple and carrot as she is tethered her baby is cheeky chases the chickens the cat and dog lol. But poor mum watches all the people take carrot and apple to the horses. I made sure after my ride I bought her a carrot and apple she loved it ate every bit shes adorable.
    Good trip great instruction will be back.


    Was a bit apprehensive as had not been on horse for 30 years…My husband had never been on a horse and our 2 friends had been a few years ago.
    It was just great and the horses were picked for your riding ability.
    We all had a great time ( once I managed to get on ,boy am I stiff nowadays)
    A fab experience enjoyed by all