Pamukkale Dervish Show


Join a captivating and atmospheric show during which you can observe the Dervishes’ tradition and ideology unfolding in front your eyes. In Pamukkale the Dervishes Show, except from being an excellent night outing option, forms also an alternative way to explore the Turkish culture. The show gives you the chance to watch the dances and costumes of the Dervishes, to listen to traditional music, and to understand the history and the main elements of their culture. This show is an ideal option for those who like folklore tradition and cultural elements, and for those wishing to experience an emotional and atmospheric evening.

Pamukkale Dervish Show

Pamukkale Dervish Show takes place during the evening. For your own convenience, a modern and comfortable car will pick you up from your place of accommodation. The venue where the show takes place is located at Karahayit village, which is not really far from Pamukkale. The venue is famous for having a flawless mystical, yet relaxing atmosphere. In fact, mysticism is one of Dervishes’ main characteristics. Therefore, once you enter the hall, you will start experiencing an incredible blend of emotions.

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Pamukkale Dervish Show

This show provides an opportunity to interact with Dervishes culture and ideology. Dervishes are Sufi Muslim Ascetics who live, by choice, in conditions of austerity and extreme poverty. According to their philosophy, the ultimate goal of life is to reach the God. Thus, through austerity, poverty, and physical performance they are trying to devalue their ego. According to folklore tradition, Dervishes have the unique power of doing miracles due to the connection they share with God.

The Dervishes Show in Pamukkale lasts for almost one hour. During this time, you will watch the iconic Mevlevi Sema Ceremony. The performance is a symbolization of the several stages that Dervishes are passing in order to reach their ultimate goal, God. The performance begins with a prayer to Prophet Mohammed. By the end of this first act, the Dervishes take their place on the stage and present the outstanding performance known as the Circling of Veled.
What makes this show special is that there is symbolization in almost everything. More specifically, the Dervishes’ cloaks symbolize the grave, while their hat symbolizes the gravestone. At a point, they will start removing their cloak, in an effort to present their spiritual freedom. Pamukkale Dervish Show provides an incredibly charming atmosphere, with multiple cultural and religious highlights.

By the end of the ceremony, a car will transfer you back at your hotel in Pamukkale. This lovely evening will surely fill you with emotions and great memories. Pamukkale Dervish Show is one of the most spectacular things you can join while on holidays.

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  • Dont Forget: Bring your camera and your smile, You will be full of peace.

Whirling Dervishes Show In Pamukkale

What’s included?

Pamukkale Dervish Show is an incredible alternative way to explore one important cultural aspect of the country. The show provides an understanding over Dervishes’ ideology and culture. In addition it forms a great option for a lovely evening in Pamukkale. The price of Pamukkale Dervish Show includes the entrance fees to the show. In addition, it includes transfers from and to your hotel with a modern and comfortable vehicle. As we safety is among out top priorities, the price includes also a full insurance for the whole duration of the experience. Please note that, any type of personal spending is not included in the price.

It is children-friendly?

Families with children are welcome to join the Pamukkale Dervish Show. The ceremony has multiple interesting characteristics for both, adults and kids. In reality, the show can be a great way for the kids to learn many important and interesting features of the culture. Therefore, we really encourage that you participate with your family.

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How can I book?

If you are interested in joining the Pamukkale Dervish Show then the booking process is really easy. There are many ways to make a reservation. Firstly, you can book via the website with few simple stems. Alternatively, you may contact us via WhatsApp in order to reserve your tickets. Please note that you can also contact us via email or just call us.

Is it far from Pamukkale?

Pamukkale Dervish Show takes place at Karahayit village. In reality, this village is not very far from Pamukkale. For your own convenience, members of our team will pick you up from your place of accommodation in Pamukkale and drive you there. Upon booking, you will be informed about the expected pick up time, so that you can arrange your schedule accordingly.

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Can I take photos?

During this unique experience, you will have the opportunity to watch the Mevlevi Sema presented by Dervishes. Even though the night has multiple characteristics of a show, please keep in mind that it still is a religious ceremony. Therefore, you are instructed to avoid talking loudly, leaving your seat, unless there is a reason, or taking photos with a flash light on during the Dervishes’ performance. You can still take photos before or after the ceremony.

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Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 3 Hours

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    Phenomenal! A show that can easily stand in international theatres. What we saw that night was the definition of excellence. The whole atmosphere was sensational, extremely mystical at an extent that we felt like we were part of the ceremony. It was so nice to watch the circling dance. I’ve seen many pictures of it online and I always wanted to witness it. My friends and I had an incredible evening it was a great idea to book. Everything was perfect, the ceremony was well executed and it looks like they carefully designed every single detail. Do see the show, it’s simply incredible.


    Been with my parents last month and I can’t forget the dervish show. The lighting, the music, everything was on point. We really wanted to discover Turkish cultures and we booked few tours with this company, the dervish show was one of them. It gives you the impression that it is an evening outing, but in fact it is a great option to observe cultural and religious elements. Such a nice performance, extremely professional. My parents were thrilled, so do I. I recommend the dervishes ceremony, even if you are not really into cultural things it is still an incredible thing to witness.


    Easy booking, great show, amazing memories!! I watched the ceremony a couple of days ago. The venue is stunning, once in you feel immediately what’s about to follow. The show got me emotional and the meanings behind each element are so strong. I wish it lasted for more I could spend my whole night there, seriously. It’s immersive and gets you emotionally involved. I also feel like mentioning about the booking. Very simple and straight forward. The customer service rocks! I’m so full of memories now! it was an outstanding performance like no other. 100% recommended experience if you are in Pamukkale.