Things to do in Marmaris

Things to do in Marmaris

Listed as one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan and popular seaside resorts in Turkey, Marmaris continues to surprise and fascinate holiday makers in every possible way. The city is idyllically located between mountains with pine forests and an exceptional turquoise bay. Thus, allowing some of the most incredible views and breath-taking sunsets to be enjoyed while on holidays. However, its location is not the only reason explaining the city’s popularity when it comes to holidays. In fact, Marmaris is a city like no other, as it combines perfectly everything needed for pleasurable, enjoyable and unforgettable vacations. The list includes, among others, beautiful beaches, sightseeing, adrenaline boosting activities, family friendly experiences and of course a deep-rooted culture that is spread around the city.

61 Things That You Can Do In Marmaris

  • Jeep Safari
  • Scuba Diving
  • Ephesus Tour
  • Quad Safari
  • Turkish Bath
  • White Tour
  • Turkish Night
  • Rhodes Day Trip
  • Pamukkale Tour
  • White Water Rafting
  • Horse Riding
  • Fethiye Tour
  • Balloon Tour

Here is the list of some popular activities in Marmaris, please visit our website for more.

The options are many and if you are planning to visit Marmaris for the first time, you may get confused regarding the best things to do in Marmaris. However, your holidays in Marmaris should definitely include sightseeing, cultural exploration, enjoying the refreshing and turquoise waters of the sea and of course alternative forms of entertainment and leisure. In this article, some of the must try activities and must see things are presented in an effort to help you organize your trip and enjoy the most of your holidays. The list of things to do in Marmaris can be endless but, you need to make sure that you will not miss any of the top rated and strongly recommended activities.

Things to do in Marmaris
Things to do in Marmaris
Things to do in Marmaris

Enjoy sea-related activities

One of the first things to think about when planning holidays is definitely the beach and in Marmaris there is never a doubt moment. As one of the busiest seaside resorts in the country, Marmaris offers an amazing variety of things to do and beaches to visit during your time there. For those who seek to enjoy the sun and swim into the crystal clear waters of Marmaris, the city demonstrates an impeccable variety of options ranging from crowded to secluded and from vibrant to tranquil. The great majority of those beaches are well organised and able to upgrade your experience by providing comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas, dining options, refreshing cocktails and water sports facilities. However, if you wish to embrace the adventurous side of yourself, there are many options regarding sea-related activities and experiences, other than sunbathing and swimming.

Scuba diving and fishing

If you are searching for some of the top things to do in Marmaris, scuba diving and fishing excursions are among the best possible options. The broader region of Marmaris is considered as one of the best diving and fishing spots. More precisely, diving in Marmaris allows you to observe and admire an amazing variety of Mediterranean colourful fishes. In addition, the area has multiple spots where shipwrecks and underwater ancient ruins can be observed. The city has many certified scuba diving instructors who can provide the necessary training and equipment. Thus, there is nothing to worry about in case you wish to try scuba diving for the first time. If you are interested in fishing trips, get ready to explore some of the most outstanding secluded bays in Marmaris and learn some interesting information from the local fishermen. Fishing trips take place with traditional fishing boats allowing participants to experience the authentic fishing experience.

Boat trips

Boat trips are among the top things to do in Marmaris, irrespective of your age and interests. The vast variety of available boat trips is able to satisfy your needs for relaxation, serenity, adventure and excitement in an all-in-one package. Boat trips include swimming stops in some of Marmaris’ most notable beaches and provide the ideal setting for an amazing full-day exploration that includes sightseeing, cultural exploration and a flawless party atmosphere. It must be noted that, except from the typical boat trips, there are many specially designed and alternative boat trips. For instance, there are night boat trips, disco party boat trips and boat trips with semi-submarine boats.

Things to do in Marmaris
Things to do in Marmaris
Things to do in Marmaris

Explore the culture

Culture is one of the strongest elements visitors are able to observe and admire during their stay in Marmaris. Except from the plethora of cultural events taking place during the peak of summer season, the city offers many options for those who wish to proceed with a cultural exploration. One of the most common things to do in Marmaris if you wish to understand and explore the culture is to visit the countryside and experience from first-hand the lifestyle and the traditions of people living in small villages. In case you wish to understand some cultural elements in an alternative way, there are some fun, entertaining, yet informative options.

Turkish Bath experience

Experiencing Turkish bath is not only one of the top things to do in Marmaris, but one of the must-try experiences while in Turkey. This revitalizing and relaxing experience is a great way to understand and get familiarized with the Ottoman bathing tradition that was practiced by Sultans. The experience is taking place is specially designed facilities, also called hammams, where you can observe Ottoman architecture and interior design at its finest. The process targets the relaxation of your body and mind by featuring a sauna-like session, full body scrubbing, foam and oil relaxing massages. Turkish bath is known for releasing the toxins from the body, for its benefits in blood circulation and for revitalizing the skin. The whole process lasts for approximately two hours, during which you enjoy a hands-on cultural exploration like no other.

Turkish night

For an activity that combines perfectly cultural exploration and entertainment, visitors of Marmaris should definitely join a traditional Turkish night. A typical Turkish night takes place in specially designed facilities where visitors can observe the typical Turkish interior design. There, a dinner is offered that includes some of the most characteristic recipes of the region in order to immerse participants into the culinary tradition of the city. Then, participants enjoy a show full of music, traditional costumes and dancers. Turkish night is listed in one of the things to do in Marmaris as it engages and immerses holiday makers into an unforgettable cultural exploration like no other.

things to do in marmaris
things to do in marmaris
things to do in marmaris

Sightseeing Tours

Except from being one of the most cosmopolitan holiday resorts in Turkey, Marmaris features an outstanding history worth to be explored. The city has a variety of museums and interesting monuments to visit during your stay there. However, those who wish to proceed with sightseeing, there are multiple excursions taking participants to some of the area’s most notable and known places of interest. In addition, there are specially designed tours for those who wish to explore nearby cities and learn more about their history.

Pamukkale and Ancient City Hieropolis

One of the most interesting sightseeing excursions that holiday makers can join is the one towards Pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient city. Pamukkale is known for being listed as an UNESCO’s site of cultural heritage. Visitors of Pamukkale get the opportunity to visit the breath-taking cotton castle and the infamous thermal springs. Moreover, this excursion takes you towards the ancient city of Hierapolis in order to observe the ruins of the ancient structures and learn its history. This excursion is listed among the things one should do while in Marmaris as it gives you the opportunity to swim and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the area’s thermal springs.

Ancient City of Ephesus

For those attracted by ancient Greek and Roman history, visiting the ancient city of Ephesus is one of the most thrilling things to do in Marmaris. One of the excursion’s highlights is that participants get the opportunity to visit one of the seven wonders of the ancient word. More precisely, this sightseeing tour promises to take you towards the ancient city of Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis and towards the House of the Virgin Mary.

Cappadocia Tour

During your vacations in Marmaris, you may enjoy exploring one of Turkey’s most famous and beautiful locations. Cappadocia attracts millions of tourists every year who wish to admire and explore the imposing landscapes, the fairy chimneys and the interesting rock formations in the region’s infamous valleys. For those who wish to get away from the crowds of Marmaris and explore a totally different setting, then Cappadocia Tour is one of the best available options.

things to do in marmaris
things to do in marmaris
things to do in marmaris

Join an exciting activity

While Marmaris is often associated with laid back activities and incredible sandy beaches, there are many other things to do if you wish to enjoy some extra adrenaline boosts and excitement with your friends or family. The city is perfectly set between the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and a pine forest. Thus, there are many opportunities to explore the countryside and admire the serenity of nature that surrounds this city. Joining an exciting and adventurous excursion is definitely the best way to get away from the crowds, to spend some quality time with your family or friends and create long lasting memories from your holidays.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari in Marmaris is one of the popular ways to explore the mountains while experiencing excitement. The tours include off-road routes where participants get the chance to experience driving in dusty and wet paths. The Jeep Safari tour includes also multiple stops to places of interest and offer participants the chance to interact with the local people and understand their lifestyle.

Quad Safari

Quad Safari in Marmaris is another great thing to do as it provides the necessary adrenaline boosts and allows participants to experience Marmaris like never before. Quad bikes are passing through muddy, wet and dusty off-road paths, while participants enjoy their adventure at its maximum. Driving through the pine forest and enjoying some breaks there, allows participants to also enjoy the serenity of the landscape and admire the beauty of the scenery.

Marmaris Things to Do

With so many things to do in Marmaris, you’ll never feel bored here. Once you’re here, you’ll realize that even a two-week vacation is not enough to visit all the interesting places and participate in exciting activities organized in and around Marmaris!

Visiting Marmaris for the first time and feeling confused about what to do in Marmaris? Never feel worried! We are always there to sort your priorities and help you with making your Marmaris vacation an all exciting one. We can provide you with appropriate options and great services from the beginning to the completion of your Marmaris Holiday!

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