Marmaris Pamukkale Tour


Pamukkale is a magnificent natural wonder, crafted to perfection by nature’s own forces! This unique tourist destination is about 3 hours from Marmaris when you travel by bus. Marmaris Pamukkale Tour takes you to a place which is kids friendly, wet and exciting. The pure White Mountain that you see is not ice; not even salt, but it is a mountain of baths gradually formed over thousands of years by mineral rich thermal springs.

Marmaris Pamukkale Tour

The local people call this place as ‘the Cotton Castle’. This serene national park is also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Pamukkale has a large number of huge stalactites, mineral baths, caves, warm water pools and many small natural streams that cascade down the hill. Thousands of tourists visit this place during the summer season from Marmaris.

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Marmaris to Pamukkale

The hot springs in this place are a typical attraction especially during the summer months. Visitors to this place love bathing in these natural hot springs with their friends and families. Just on the outskirts of Pamukkale, the ancient city of Hierapolis was thriving with full glory during the Roman Age and hence the place was a center of cult practices and holy rituals. Hierapolis was once an important intellectual, religious, artistic and commercial center of the Roman Empire. The present customs, beliefs and traditions at this place are also influenced by the ancient Pagan Cult that existed here when Hierapolis was teeming with life.

During our Marmaris Excursion to Pamukkale, you can explore the area on your own, walk along the base of the white travertine, visit historical sites of Hierapolis and Necropolis, and cherish a royal bath in the famous Cleopatra Pool to add to your amusement. The local government and the people have tried hard to reinstate this erstwhile ruined place as a popular tourist attraction and the Cleopatra Pool alone pulls over thousands of visitors each day.

  • Available Days: Please check the calendar.
  • Don’t Forget: Sunglasses, Sun cream, Towel, Swimming Costumes, Comfortable shoes.
  • Restrictions: Not suitable for the guests with walking difficulties.

Marmaris to Pamukkale Tours

Cleopatra’s Pool in Pamukkale

marmaris pamukkale tour
Cleopatra’s Pool near Pamukkale is open all the year round and visitors are allowed to swim here. The water in this pool has some medicinal properties and is believed to cure some diseases.

Comfortable Bus Journey from Marmaris to Pamukkale

marmaris pamukkale tour
Pamukkale is 210 km from Marmaris and we take you there in a comfortable bus journey which lasts just for about 3 hours. The traffic on the freeways is not so busy and you will enjoy this comfortable and joyful road trip as well.

Calcium Cliffs of Pamukkale

marmaris pamukkale tour
Pamukkale has huge stalactites, mineral baths, cascades, cataracts and basins that give a characteristic appearance to the mountain. Thermal hot springs flow down the calcium cliffs, adding more beauty to this place.

Departure :Pick up from your Hotel

Duration:12 Hours (Full Day Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
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  • Full insurance
  • 3 Hours Free Time in Pamukkale
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10 Reviews Added Overall rating: 4.7


    Overall this was a good tour, breakfast was a bit small (not open buffet), but since there were no constrictions regarding bringing your own snacks, it didnt matter, the lunch on the other hand was open buffet and it was really, really good.
    Our guide knew a lot about history of Turkey, so it was really interesting to listen to him while we were going to Pamukkale, so the 3 hours there with occassional history overview didnt seem that much. On the site he gave us a brief tour of the site and then we had about 3 hours to explore the place on our own. My suggestion is to go straight to the pools, because later it gets soooo crowded you can barely get anywhere…
    Our bus broke a bit on our way back, but then again it broke on a nice spot so while we waited the saviour bus we could watch the sun slowly set in the mountains. 😀
    The only drawback was the leather fabric we had to visit, I personally didnt want to go shopping nor did my husband, that wasnt mentioned in tour plan and it took about an hour, so I felt like I could have spent my time better.


    At summer 2016 we were staying in Turunc with my wife, and we decided to go to Pamukkale for a day trip. I have to admit that everything is well organized and our guide was excellent. Its a bit of long drive from Turunc but Pamukkale worth visiting, its is a long day bu a good day. Thank you for the good trip Sammy.


    Pamukkale tour from Marmaris was a great experience, we enjoyed every second of it. Extraordinary white cliffs, something we never see anywhere else, it was amazing. also Cleopatra pool was a bit busy but still so relaxing. Our guide sukru is so professional and funny (thums up), we didn’t feel like Pamukkale is 3 hours far from the resort since we had fun with our guide all the way through. i will definitely do it again, so amazing


    Its a pretty long drive from Marmaris, (not a great idea if you have a dodgy tummy) however Pamukkale is absolutely a beautiful place to visit while you are having your holiday in Marmaris and well worth it. Most of the White cliffs are closed to public but a certain area is still open and you can walk barefoot on this part. The remains of the ancient city of Hierapolis is just next door and easy to visit ,the view from the ancient theater is a must if you will visit this site.


    Marmaris Pamukkale Tour is a must to do, if you have never been there before. Even the journey is around 3 hours to get there and 3 hours back to Marmaris, it still worth to visit. Pamukkale is amazing, the site is huge and there are many things to do apart from paddle your feet in the warm water pools. So take a walk and visit the remains of the ancient city. Great Day, don’t miss it.


    It must be one of the natural wonders of the world – it’s unbelievable! I love pamukkale and spending 4 hours in this place was a great experince. The place had really great view with warm and clean waters. The theather is a must to visit also the museum.


    We booked our Pamukkale tour online and got a response very quickly with a detailed tour ticket (telling every details about the service, time price, pickup point etc.) the coach picked us up from our hotel in Marmaris a few minutes later than said but it was all good.

    New and comfortable coach with air conditioning, the driver Osman and our guide Mehmet were very friendly and all the time helpful. Although it is a long journey we had comfort stops on the way and back. Pamukkale was amazing well worth day out of your holiday. Would recommend Mares Travel any day.


    The journey from Marmaris took nearly 3 hours to Pamukkale but well worth it ! Pamukkale is one of the wonders of Turkey, an amazing place to see. Paddling in the white cliffs or swimming in the Roman Baths with lovely warm spring waters was an unforgettable experience. There are many ruins to see, also a gladiator arena. Go for it, you wont regret.


    Well worth the money and a great way to see a little bit of the country.

    The breakfast was very basic and there are charges if you want something a little more exciting then boiled eggs, bread and olives.

    Our guide was lovely and very well informed but also knew when to give us a bit of a verbal break. We had about 2 hours to wonder around the Pamukkale site on our own.

    You have to pay extra (50lira) to use Cleopatras pool but it’s worth changing into your bathing suit either if you aren’t stepping in-we saw a lot of people plugging into the famous white balconies on the other side.


    Sukru is the most profession person you can meet in Marmaris. His tours are extremly well organised, with poffestional guides. Our guide Max (aka Goksel) , he was such an interesting guy with a wealth of experience and history knowledge. We had a great time in our Pamukkale tour. Very good service, always on time, from pick ups to drop offs.

    Sukru makes every customer welcome with his wonderful personality and very informative about every tour , a true gem!