Marmaris Turkish Bath


When you are in Marmaris, never miss enjoying the popular oriental tradition of Marmaris Turkish Bath. Give your Marmaris vacation a head start with a refreshing Turkish bath. Luxurious treatments along with the Turkish Bath in Marmaris prepare your body and soul for the days head. These treatments enhance your tan and a fresh feeling all the way! For hundreds of years, Hamam or the Turkish bath has been one of the important aspects of Turkish culture. So when you are in Marmaris, do what the Sultans did: Enjoy an all relaxing Turkish bath!

Marmaris Turkish Bath

As your tour operator we will pick you from the hotel while you book for turkish bath service. A usual session lasts for about 2 hours. Most of the Turkish baths are open all the day. In most Turkish baths, the first session begins at 10:00 AM and the last session at 16:00 PM. Both male and female masseurs are available here. Do take your swimsuits, the rest of the facilities are available here. Children under 7 are given a free entry and those between 7 and 12 are charged half the price for a refreshing Turkish bath.

  • Hotel Transport
  • Full insurance
  • Sauna
  • Soap/foam massage and Rub
  • Oil Massage.

Feeling Good in Turkish Bath

Once you enter the bath, you are given a key with a wristband that you can wear. You are given a pair of wooden clogs or slippers, and a cotton wrap-around to wear over your swimsuit. Then you move into the cubicle and come out with the cotton wrap-around. You are free to either wear your swimsuit or leave it there. Lockers are available here where you can place your clothes and other valuables and secure them using the keys given to you.

Now, you move to steamy, humid and warm room lined with marble-sitting, traditional marble wash-basins have running hot and cold waters which you can mix to your comfort and dowse yourself using metal bowls. Enjoy the steam and relax yourself sitting here. The center of the Turkish bath has an elevated and bearable hot marble platform where you can sit, lay and work up a sweat. The masseuse gives your body a scrub and soap massages. This is followed by brisk rub with coarse loofa soil that removes layers of dead skin.

Then you have an inspiring foam massage and an aromatherapy-oil massage to sooth you. The masseuse gives you a gentle massage over your bones and eases your muscles to give you that heavenly feeling! All these treatments boost an all-encompassing inner tranquility in you. While beginning your Marmaris vacation with a Turkish bath is a great idea, it is also suggested to work up a sweat again at the end of your vacation. You will cherish this long-lasting freshness even after you move back to your hotel.

Marmaris Turkish Bath

You won't loose your sun tan !

Marmaris Turkish Bath

This is the most common question about the Turkish Bath '' what will happen to my sun tan ? '' . Nothing to worry about , Turkish Bath has got nothing to with you sun tan , here the main idea is to get rid of the dirt in your pours and getting clean .

Do it at the very first day

Marmaris Turkish Bath

We also recommend you to try the Turkish bath experience at very beginning of you holiday in Marmaris, after the Turkish bath your skin will get rid of the dirt and this will give you chance to have a better sun tan during your holiday in Marmaris.

Oil massage

Marmaris Turkish Bath

At the end of the Turkish Bath you will have a professional massage for 15 min. which will relax your body and give you a great relaxation. You will born as a new person and goes all good with in your holiday.

Kids will have fun

Marmaris Turkish Bath

This is a short tour for 2 hours and there you can take your kids aswell . All sauna, foam massage will be a good fun for the kids . Family come alone to Marmaris Turkish Bath with their children , good fun for adults and children as well.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 2 Hours (Half Day Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Full insurance
  • Soap / Towels
  • Sauna, Scrubbing, Foam Massage
  • Oil Massage
  • Drinks
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures
  • Face-Masks and other massages

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14 Reviews Added Overall rating: 4.7


    The spa used for the experience is a lovely place, the staff are very kind and clearly try hard to make you comfortable and relaxed. We really enjoyed this experience and would seriously recommend going!


    Paid 5 £ TL each for the whole experience, including 15mins full body oil massage. The oil massage was amazing, super firm and got rid of all our knots. WOULD DEFINITELY GO AGAIN !!! I would advise booking it through an Mares Travel as their prices are the best in Marmaris. Compared to our hotel Turkish bath which was awful, this one was brilliant. 10/10


    We got this as free because we booked 3 excursions. Relaxing, pleasant and healthy. It’s not expensive and a very good experience. My recommendation for this. Should not be missed.


    No visit to Marmaris is complete without a visit to a good Turkish Bath. It has been a must for the past four years and the service only gets better. Beautiful hamam, very clean, and with wonderful staff. Highly recommended!


    This was my first time to a hamam, and the staff at this Turkish bath made it so very easy. Warm and welcoming, and all speaking some English.

    As i read all the story on the web page, i was well prepared but they also explained the process completely once again.

    Go to the locker room and change into a towel.

    First step is the sauna, where you get sweat.

    Then you are invited to the main section of the Turkish Bath. Then you lay on the big, hot marble slab for about ten or fifteen minutes.

    Then when you are nice and warm, your assigned attendant takes you over to an alcove where he douses you with water and then proceeds to soap you up for about fifteen minutes. It was heaven.

    He will use a special silk glove to exfoliate your skin, with dead skin peeling off in rolls. But it doesn’t hurt, it feels exhilarating.

    Then a few more buckets of warm water.

    After that they take you to another section where you get your oil massage around 10 to 15 minutes. That was the best part of the experince and was really relaxing.

    After that, you get a towel to wrap around your body, one for your upper body, and even wraps a towel around your head like a turban.

    Then, you are led back into the lobby area to cool down on a couch and enjoy a drink.

    When ready, you get back to the locker room and get dressed.

    There is a small box at the exit to tip your attendant, but it is all low pressure. You put in what you want.

    Then the shuttle bus will take you back to your hotel.

    A wonderful experience.


    One of the best experience during my holiday in Turkey. Try it, you will never regret.


    I would really recommend this tour ! It’s clean,fancy and you really feel like you are experiencing a real Turkish Bath. At the end of 2 hours i was feeling very clean, refreshed and relaxed from the massage. I will definitely be going again and would recommend that you don’t visit Marmaris without having this experience.


    I can’t say enough good things about our turkish bath experience in Marmaris. This was by far the best ever relaxing time that we ever had. The interior of the baths were beautiful and clean also the service was excellent. It was an excellent choice both for price and service quality.


    Me and my wife went to this Turkish Bath where male and female were mix. Keep in mind that you have to wear your swimwear. The masseur was very good, after scrub and foam massage we had also 15 mins oil massage which comes with in the package. All in all it is so relaxing and really a fun thing to do.


    Top to toe treatment was perfect. Thanks to Sandra for special advice on good restaurants. Thanks to the guys for my treatments. Felt really refreshed to begin my trip.


    Turkish bath was the very first excursion we had in Marmaris. The bath was very clean and the stuff were very friendly .
    In our hotel they asked for the very same service 45 £ and we got it only for 5 £. Thank you very much for a great experience.


    Turkish Bath in Marmaris is really good value for money, the whole thing is fun, and don’t worry about your sun tan nothing happens. They take us from our hotel and washing, sauna, oil massage and everything is pretty good value for such price. They will try to sell you some extra massage and mud masks and such things, so if you are interested you can buy them there.


    This is the perfect start to a Turkish holiday, very relaxing atmosphere. Feel like a totally new person when you leave the place! Really high quality! and we were left feeling relaxed with lovely soft skin. If you had some bad experience of a Turkish Bath before, i recommend you to try this one, the service will totally change your mind.


    If you are going to do one of the turkish baths in marmaris its best to go as soon as you arrive. You have a sauna, body scrub, soap wash and finish off with an oil massage, very relaxing few hours.