Marmaris Aqua Dream Waterpark


If you are in and around Marmaris this summer, make sure that you register for our special excursion to the nearby Marmaris Aqua Dream Waterpark. Aqua Dream is a brilliant place to stroll out with your family/group and your kids will love this place the most. This is the largest waterpark in Marmaris and offers a great opportunity to get cool during intense summer heat.

Marmaris Aqua Dream Waterpark

Make sure to bring your kids along with you to this amazing water world. You will love to see them play at full joy and enjoy fun rides in the park. The park has many exciting rides for you and your little ones. The friendly staff is always available to guide and assist you through various rides; the management ensures your complete safety and sees that you enjoy this visit to the full.

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Entrance Fee Aqua Dream Waterpark
  • All Day in Aqua Dream Waterpark
  • Full insurance
  • Foam Party
  • All Slides

A Day in Aqua Dream Waterpark

You will love the rides on many interesting fun rides and water slides like the Pirate’s Ship, Pirate’s Waterfall, Octopus, Pirate’s Tunnel, Sunk Boat, Crocodile Frog, Mushroom Adventure River, Turtle, Anaconda, Gang slides, and splash around in the wave pool. The waterpark is just 5 minutes away from the city center and is open between 10:00 am and 18:00 pm. The water in the park is bleached at regular intervals to ensure that it is clean and safe for children and adults who visit and play in the park. Since the park has many rides, you may not have to wait for too long in a queue to enjoy a ride, you can always pick an alternate one.

The slides in Marmaris Aqua Dream Waterpark offer you a different degree of thrills and you will love the entertainment. The waterpark has locker facility to safeguard your valuables; you can make use of the changing rooms to change your dress and prepare to play, splash and soak yourself in cool waters. There are mini golf lawns to keep you engaged; there is also a snack bar and a cafeteria from where you can buy tantalizing snacks and refresh yourself with fresh soft drinks. You can enjoy a refreshing hot/cold water shower at the park after having enjoyed all of your favorite fun rides and water slides. Visiting Marmaris Aqua Dream Waterpark is enjoying a full day filled with fun and adventure!

  • Available Days: EVERYDAY
  • Don’t Forget: Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Swimsuits, Towel.
  • Restrictions: Suitable for all age groups.
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Aqua Dream Waterpark Marmaris

Biggest Waterpark in Marmaris

Aqua Dream Waterpark is the largest waterpark in Marmaris. This place has many interesting fun rides, water slides, wave pool, mini golf lawns and a snack bar as well. You will never feel alone here! Ultra-fun experience. Despite the many activities and excursions that holiday makers can join during their time in Marmaris, there is one particular excursion that promises a day full of laughter, fun and relaxation. The Marmaris Aqua Dream Waterpark excursion is a truly exciting activity ideal for people of all ages. The waterpark is an excellent alternative for those who wish to enjoy swimming in a more fun way. This excursion takes place every day, during the morning and is characterized as a full day activity as participants are able to enjoy the waterpark from the morning until the afternoon.

Slides in Aqua Dream Waterpark

Aqua Dream Waterpark is able to capture your attention since the very first moments and impress you with its enormous and imposing size. Within the waterpark’s premises, visitors are able to find an incredible variety of slides and multiple pools, according to their interests. In what regards the slides, Aqua Dream Waterpark features slides for all. More specifically, you may find vertical slides, holes and slides which you can use as a group. In general, there are slides corresponding to different difficulty levels for both, those who wish to feel some adrenaline boosts and for those who want to relax.

Aqua Dream Water Park Marmaris


In what regards the pools, there are some quiet pools ideal for whamming and relaxation. Next to these pools, you can find comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas where you can enjoy some quality time, read a book or simply enjoy the sun. One of the most interesting and exciting highlights of the facility is the wave pool. Within this pool, you can enjoy interval waves with increased intensity and have some fun with your friends or family.


This full day excursion to Aqua Dream Waterpark targets to offer you a day full of fun, joy and pleasurable moments. Thus in order to assist you enjoy the most of your experience without any worries, your safety is our number one priority. The facility meets all safety requirements set by the relevant regulating authorities. The pools, slides and the rest of the common areas are well-maintain and pass through regular security and cleaning checks. In addition to that, Aqua Dream Waterpark has professional and fully licenced lifeguards who are in charge to observe visitors and assist if needed.

Aqua Dream Water Park Marmaris

Children friendly

Visiting the Aqua Dream Waterpark is a great option for all, especially for families with small kids. The facility is known for having some ultra-fun and adrenaline boosting slides and pools. However, there are specially designed areas for children as well. More specifically, Aqua Dream has special slides and shallow pools where children can enjoy swimming and playing. Moreover, within the premises of the waterpark parents can find a lot of other entertainment options, such as playgrounds. The well-trained and experienced personnel of the waterpark are able to assist you and your children to enjoy an incredible and exciting day.

What’s included?

Aqua Dream waterpark is definitely something that will offer you long lasting memories from your holidays. This tour ensures safety and comfort in a beautiful setting, right in the city centre of Marmaris. For your own comfort, the price includes a two way transfer service from and to your hotel. In addition, a full insurance is included during the day. The package price includes also the entrance fee to the facility. Please note that, food, drinks and other personal expenses are not included in the price.

Aqua Dream Water Park Marmaris

Important notes

For this excursion there are no specific restrictions. In general, participation is ideal for all people of all ages. For safety reasons, people experiencing physical disabilities and pregnant women are not allowed to use the slides. In addition, children should make use of the specially designed areas and must be accompanied by an adult. Also do not forget to bring your own swimsuit, towel and comfortable clothes. Finally, due to the high temperatures in Marmaris during the summer months, a protective sun cream is highly recommended, as well as a hat and sun glasses.

Distance between hotels and waterpark

Aqua Dream is located in a short distance from the city centre of Marmaris and many hotels close in di. More precisely, the facility can be found at an area 5 minutes away from the vibrant city centre. For your own comfort, members of our team will pick you up from your hotel during the morning and drive you there.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: (Full Day Tour)

  • A Pick-up and Drop-back service
  • Entrance Fee Aqua Dream Waterpark
  • All Day in Aqua Dream Waterpark
  • Full insurance
  • Foam Party
  • All Slides
  • Drinks & Food
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures

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11 Reviews Added Overall rating: 4.7


    We booked a day at the waterpark with mares travel online, cheaper than with a rep! They checked our bags for food and water. You must pay 10 lira for a locker (at the end of the day you get your money back). The view from the park is so good. You are overlooking the entire town of Marmaris. In this water park , they use a card system for payments , at the entrance you have to charge the card and then you pay for food and drinks with this card . We only bought some water as the food was expensive. One must be very careful of the floors as as they are very slippery and extremely hot , so you must keep your slippers with you all the time. The pools are very good and also here are plenty of Sunbeds for everyone. Lots of different kind of slides and to be honest it is really so cheap to book ! Definitely very well worth it , love to do it again.


    The place has got a stunning view of marmaris, slides are really big and great fun for all the members of the family.


    Thank you ! We loved Aqua Dream and buying online is much cheaper than buying at the park.


    I have been to Marmaris for 3 times with my kids and each time we had really good time. We tried all waterparks in Marmaris. Aquadream is absolutly the only waterwark is town. The other 2 is just far too small.


    Best water park that we have visited in Marmaris. Great place with a wide range of slides, the water park is well designed and has got a fantastic view of the town. In the mid summer the park was busy but not packed which was perfect as we weren’t waiting more than 5 minutes for any of the slides. When you enter the water park everything is clear and so easy to find lockers, toilets etc. Nice Staff friendly and helpful.


    We choose to go to Aqua Dream Water Park as there were 3 to choose. Nice and not very busy at all also great views of Marmaris. We had amazing 5 hours at the water park. U get a card at the entrance and you have to put money on to buy food and drinks.


    Spending some time at the cool water park on a hot summer’s day is a big relief! This place also offers you splendid views of blue sea and mountains around. Aqua Dream is one of the best water parks around Marmaris with a special zone for kids. Booking online will certainly save your time and money. Mares travel had arranged our trip to Aqua dream pretty well. My kids loved the rides at the park the most, we had played there for hours and I bet this is one of the best places around Marmaris to play with your kids.


    This is one of the best water parks in Marmaris I have ever seen. Booked online at a very cheaper rate. The water slides and rides were so good. My kids enjoyed it very much. It really feels comfortable in cool water in the summer season. Had a great view of the Marmaris town. Friendly staff and so helpful. We will definitely visit again.


    We had lots af fun at the aqua dream water park. I visited with two of my nieces and we all really enjoyed our day.They have crazy slides there and the online price was cheap. Better buy your ticket online which comes with free transfer. If you go water park on your own they try to charge you more. And remember suncream, not alot of shadow there.


    A fantastic experience. a beautiful aqua park with lots of different slides and attractions. Good spending, decent and affordable food and beverage prices and additional content. My recommendation for this aqua park.. Excellent cooperation with Cem, agency representative. Compliments for him, he was there for all my questions.


    We are lucky to book this place online with Mares Travel which comes with a free hotel transfer. It is a good day out, but I have been to better water parks, only a handful of slides were in use. Please note that the wave pool was only operated at certain times.