Turunc Massage


Holidays are all about enjoying relaxing moments and having a break away from the stress and the pressure of everyday life. Turunc is one of the summer resorts in Turkey that can offer you upgraded experiences and enhance your vacations. Among the many activities, there are also some of them that aim in offering you a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Our Turunc Massage is an activity that combines everything you need for a pleasant, revitalizing and memorable time.

3 in 1 Pack (1 Hour Massage)

This ultra-exclusive experience is available on a daily basis, including the weekends. Thus, you are free to choose any day and any time, between morning and afternoon, that best suits your schedule.

  • Classical Massage (Swedish Massage)
  • Indian Massage (Head Massage)
  • Reflexology Massage (Foot Massage)

Massage in Turunc

Upon booking, members of our team will let you know the pick-up time from your hotel in Turunc. On the prescheduled time, a fully air conditioned, modern and comfortable car will pick you up and drive you for a short distance towards the facility where the massage takes place.

In general, this amazing experience combines three different massages and has an approximate duration of 1 hour. You will be offered a personal locker in order to change your clothes and store your personal items. Please note that, for the purposes of this activity, you need to wear your own swimsuit. During your massage, the professional therapist will apply and combine three different techniques. Firstly, you will enjoy a Swedish massage which is among the most common and popular massage techniques. It involves mild, medium and strong strokes on the body in order to help the muscles to relax and relief any related pain.

Full Body Massage Service From Turunc

Secondly, the therapist will give you a session of Indian massage, also known as head massage. It is based on a 4000-year old tradition and targets to release the three upper chakras in order to offer you harmony, balance and inner peace. Finally, the last technique to enjoy is the foot reflexology. With specific neural stimulating techniques, foot reflexology improves the blood circulation and has therapeutic benefits to the rest of the body. By applying pressure on large sections of your foot, reflexology can improve the condition of many organs such as the liver or the kidneys.

By the end of your massage treatment, a comfortable and modern car will be there for you. The distance between the spa and the hotels is short but enough to relax and enjoy the ride. Members of our team will drop you off at your hotel full of positive emotions and great memories from this amazing activity.

  • Avaliable Days: EVERYDAY
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  • Attention: The price covers one way transfer from Turunc to Marmaris. At the end of the tour you will be taken to the bus station in Marmaris, where you can catch a dolmus (Public Service Vehicle) back to Turunc.

Turunc Massage

What to Expect

One of the best things to do while on holidays is to spend some time with yourself and pumper your needs. In Turunc there are many activities that enable you to do it, depending on your interests and individual preferences. If you are one of those people who wish to relax and get away from the crowds, the Turunc Massage experience is probably one of the top activities. Enjoy 3 different massage techniques, release the stress and revitalize your senses.

Fully customizable

This particular activity is fully private and thus, customizable. With an approximate duration of 2 hours, it is available every day, including the weekends. Moreover, you are free to choose any time that is convenient for you between morning and afternoon.

Turunc Massage

Turunc Hotel Pickup Service

On the day of your activity, and on a pre-scheduled time, a luxury and comfortable car will be outside your place of accommodation in Turunc. Our driver will transfer you from your hotel towards the facility where the massage takes place


Upon entrance, you will be able to feel and experience from first-hand the ultra-relaxing atmosphere of this place. The professional therapist will welcome you and offer you a locker to store your personal items. Once you change your clothes, get ready to experience an incredible massage session that combines three different techniques.

Swedish Massage

The first technique is the infamous Swedish, or classic massage. The therapist applies mild, moderate or high pressure on the muscles of the body. The main aim is to release the energy of the muscles, relief the pain and offer a sense of relaxation. The therapist will also identify the needs of your body and adjust the massage accordingly in order to give you the maximum of this experience.

Turunc Massage

Indian Massage

The second massage technique is the Indian, during which the therapist focuses on your neck and head. This particular method is based on an Indian tradition which is 4000 years old and is believed to have therapeutic benefits. In addition, as it targets the release of the three upper chakras, this technique promotes inner balance and harmony.

Foot reflexology

The last method to enjoy during this revitalizing massage session is the foot reflexology. The therapist applies pressure on specific points of your foot that are able to initiate stimulations towards your organs. During this massage, you will be full of positive emotions and experience a truly sense of relaxation.


Our tour is approximately duration of 3 hours. By the end of the massage session, our staff will show you where you can catch a minibus back to Turunc. Please remember that the price covers one way transfer from Turunc to Marmaris. At the end of the tour you will be taken to the bus station in Marmaris, where you can catch a dolmus (Public Service Vehicle) back to Turunc.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 3 Hours (Half Day Tour)

  • Turunc Hotel Pickup Service
  • Classical Massage (Swedish Massage)
  • Indian Massage (Head Massage)
  • Reflexology Massage (Foot Massage)
  • Drinks
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenditures

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