What is Marmaris known for?

Marmaris is unique because it is located on the coast of Turkey, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea meet. Marmaris is known for the nightlife, beaches and the crystal clear water of the sea. During summer season there daily ferry services between Greece & Turkey, you can also visit the Greek island of Rhodes from Marmaris. Read more for tips to plan your perfect holiday.

What is Marmaris known for?Nightlife

Marmaris is also known for a buzzing and diverse nightlife. There are several nightclubs and bars. These are mainly found in the Bar Street and along the harbour. Be amazed by the variety of parties. You can find foam parties, laser shows, live music, and dance the night away on groovy tunes played by famous DJs.

What is Marmaris known for?Beaches

In and around Marmaris there are several beaches. You can find water sport activities on the public beach in the centre of Marmaris. You can enjoy various water sports, such as parasailing, water skiing, diving, and jet skiing. The water slowly gets deeper so the beach is suitable for children. If you like sandy beaches you can go to the neighbouring beach that stretches for 10 kilometres into the direction of Icmeler.

What is Marmaris known for?Sightseeing

The castle in the harbour had to protect the city in the past. Nowadays it can be visited and there is an archaeological museum located in it. A nice historical building is the Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai. Formerly a hostel for soldiers and travellers, nowadays an interesting building to see decorated with various arches. It also accommodates restaurants and shops. It is located in a narrow street towards the castle.

What is Marmaris known for?Excursions to get to know the Turkish culture

For sauna lovers, a visit to a real Turkish bath can be a relaxing activity during the holidays. You can choose between several massages with foam and oil. You will be amazed by how good it feels! Fancy a nice evening activity? Then you can get to know the Turkish dance culture during a dance show. You get to see different types of Turkish dance styles, performed in traditional costumes.

What is Marmaris known for?Adventure

You can book a jeep safari excursion and enjoy riding off-road on narrow paths surrounded by beautiful nature. You can go horseback riding through the woods or on the beach. There are excursions for both beginners and advanced.

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