What to do in Marmaris?

What to do in Marmaris?

A charming and quiet summer resort, the port city of Marmaris is surrounded by the azure blue waters of the majestic Mediterranean Sea. An exquisite and vibrant beachfront lined with trendy bars, cafes and restaurants is one of the most striking arenas of this beautiful area. While Marmaris has ample tours, adventure sports and a pulsating night life to spice up your holiday, it also exudes peace and quiet that provides just the right amount of relaxation one expects from a holiday resort.

What to do in Marmaris?

Marmaris has a variety of tours, adventure outdoor activities and a vibrant night life to spice up your holiday, with a flawless peacuful and quiet atmosphere that provides the perfect ground for the amount of relaxation one expects from a holiday resort. While the adventurous visitors can hike the mountain trails, go on jeep safaris, explore underwater, undertake snorkeling and ride horses, the explorers can venture far and wide to witness the glorious magnificence of the Dalyan , Cleopatra Beach, Boat Trips, Ephesus and many more tourist destinations that are located nearby.

Marmaris has surely something for each and every traveller. Those who choose to spend holidays in a relaxing and laid-back setting can find a plethora of beaches to swim and sunbathe. The bays range from crowded and cosmopolitan, to unspoiled and secluded. The city offers a plethora of other upgraded services to treat, spoil and pumper yourself. Visitors wishing a more relaxing vacation experience can enjoy a massage, experience the Turkish bath or join an excursion towards thermal springs. When you choose Marmaris for your vacations, be sure that whatever you interests are, there is definitely something for you.

What to do in Marmaris
What to do in Marmaris
What to do in Marmaris

What to do in Marmaris in March?

The resort receives tourists on a year-round basis. Although March doesnt offer much options of things to do, the weather will be still sunny and warm . In March the city will be particularly non crowded which makes it ideal for the ones looking for privacy, exclusivity and quietness. You can still find some private boat trips and private tours to the main sites like Ephesus, Pamukkale and Dalyan.

Except from the sightseeing, if you are in Marmaris during March, you can enjoy the spendid nature as spring starts to take over and creates a meshmerizing scenery. Take some short or long walks around the city and give yourself the opportunity to interact with the locals. March is still a quiet month and locals are not so busy. Explore the culinary tradition of Marmaris and embark into an incredible gastronomic journey. For some more relaxing experiences in March, you can always enjoy a Turkish bath activity to give yourself a little extra treat.

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What to do in Marmaris in April?

Just like the rest of the world, Marmaris starts blooming in April when the tourist season slowly begins and although there can still be rainy days, the sun shines pretty frequently and many good weather days can be expected. During this month, only safaris (Jeep Safari, Horse Safari and Quad Safari) are available tourist activities while beach walks and sightseeing around the town itself are other popular activities undertaken by visitors.

What to do in Marmaris in May?

May signals the begining of the boat trips and daily excursions to nearby islands, caves, coves and beaches. The weather is pleasant, cool and might be a little chilly, but during the day it is mostly sunny. The mild and comfortable climate makes this time ideal for any kind of boat trips at both day and night times.May is also the perfect month for enjoying holidays away from the crowds and it is mostly prefered by families or couples.

If you are havng holidays in Marmaris during May, there are many things to do. To embrace your inner explorer, you can participate in a safari tour and unfold the beauty and the charm of the countryside. Alternatively, join a boat trip towards the most famous nearby locations. The Ceopatra’s Island, the nearby Aegean Islands and some secluded and unspoiled bays are some of the available options. For a more idyllic and romantic experience, you can join a night cruise and dine under the starlight.

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What to do in Marmaris in June?

June is the proper summer months of the year with sweltering temperatures. It is during June when Marmaris comes to life. Exciting night life, daily boat trips, excursions, safaris, horse rides, scuba diving, hiking and fishing start at full throttle and the island buzzes with mulling tourists and an effervescent crowd. Sightseeing trips to the Ancient City of Ephesus , Jeep Safari, Atlantis Water Park and the Marmaris City Tour are popular during June. The lazier ones can occupy the beach and bask in the warm sun as well as dip in the Mediterranean’s blue waters. It is highly imperative that all tourists carry water, hats, sunglasses and sun block creams with them and wear light cotton clothes to beat the heat. The beachfront is full of cafes serving cold coffee and other refreshing beverages so don’t forget to take periodic breaks from all the fun in order to recharge your energy levels.

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What to do in Marmaris in July?

While crowds start to take over the city, July has its own charm. Just a month before the mega-boom of the tourist season, visitors of Marmaris can feel what truly means to visit a vibrant and cosmopolitan summer resort. Multiple excursions for each and evey one are available not only around the city but also in other parts of the country. The place to be during July is of course the beachfront. However, as the bays are packed with the masses, you can explore other secluded bays in a short distance from the city, or even go on a boat trip. Thematic parks, such as the waterparks and the dolphin park are also open during this month for families wishing to spend some quality time full of fun and laughter.

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What to do in Marmaris in August?

August is the pick of the summer season in all possible aspects. High tempratures, masses of visitors, both Turkish and foereigners, and high speed rhytms all over the city. This is probably the best month for groups of younsters who wish to experience the vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city. The city never stops in a 24-hour basis, as when the sun goes down an extravagant nightlife awaits to offer you an incredible party atmospehere. August is also the perfect month to visit the nearby Greek islands which are also booming with tourists. Go an day trip to Rhodes and get to experience the beauty of this cosmopolitan island which is a world-wide famous summer destination.

What to do in Marmaris
What to do in Marmaris
What to do in Marmaris

What to do in Marmaris in September?

After the vivacious summer months, Marmaris slowly lulls itself down to face October when the tourist season starts dwindling due to the rain. It is because of this rain that most excursions and trips start lessening their frequencies until by late-October, they all stop running except for the private tours. Despite this, the resort is still a gorgeous place to be with the chill and the rain because of its immense natural beauty.

What to do in Marmaris in October?

The mild Mediterranean climate that Marmaris has provides the perfect ground for some holidays even during October. Although there is some rain, in October temperatures are still moderate, with sunshine during the day time and a cool breeze during the night. Explorers and adventurers are still able to find some exciting and thrilling tours to participate. However, please be aware that schedules are not so frequent as there are not much visitors in the city. The gorgeous landscapes and the tranquility of the sea, makes October a perfect month for people who wish to enjoy relaxing and quiet vacations.

What to do in Marmaris in November?

As the city starts to slow down in all possible aspects during October, by the early-November there are not much to do in Marmaris. Locals return back to their easy going lifestyle as many of the mega-resorts and big chains start to close. Hiking the mountains or walking in the beachfront are among the most common activities. Moreover, as there are rainy days, you can still visit some museums and indoor cultural venues if you seek some sightseeing. For a more exciting activity, you can still join private tours that give you the opportunity to enjoy an excursion in an exclusive and quiet setting. Safaries, sightseeing tours and relaxing activities are some of the private tours that you can join during this month.

What to do in Marmaris in Winter?

Winter months transfrom Marmaris into a whole different city. It is not a coincidence that Marmaris is a popular summer resort. The temperature starts to fall and rainy days take over. In what regards businesses, all the tourist-related services and establishements are closed. There are only few restaurants, bars and shops open for the locals who return back to the cosy setting of their house. If it happens to visit Marmaris during the winter months, get ready to witness a different scenery than the one you thought. However, the emplty streets can lead you towards some charming local places where you can feel the real Turkish hospitality and the warmth of the poeple.

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